Green Iguana is far and beyond one of the top nightlife and dining destinations in the Tampa Bay area.  With six locations on each side of the bay in areas including Brandon, Ybor City, South Westshore, North Tampa, and St. Pete, the Iguana has steadily become a local mainstay for casual dining and an exciting nightlife experiences.

I visited their stadium location yesterday for lunch to see, and taste, what's made Green Iguana such a reputable dining destination over its 20+ years in the Tampa Bay area.

From a monetary perspective, lunch at Green Iguana definitely leans toward the affordable side of the spectrum.  Their menu - packed with a huge variety of appetizers, wings, burgers, sandwiches, and more - hovers in the $5 to $15 range with more than ample portion sizes for the prices.

With over 15 to choose from, Green Iguana's burger selection definitely shines as the highlight of their menu.  Each burger clocks in at a hearty half pound and come in traditional varieties like classic hamburger and mushroom swiss as well as more inventive ones including gourmet Greek style, California baja, and zen terayaki burgers.

I went with heir most popular burger, the cheesiest cheese. Topped with a melty menagerie of cheddar, provolone, and American cheeses, this thing does not mess around.  All this atop a half pound patty makes for one Hulk sized burger.  With a heap of crinkle cut fries included, $7.99 is a hard price to beat just based on the sheer volume of this meal.

As far as the taste, the burger was a pleasant surprise.  Aside from its monstrous stature, the cheesiest cheese burger packs a seasoned, savory punch that's neither overwhelming nor indiscernable.  Cooked to a perfect medium rare and juicy enough to elicit a napkin or five, the cheesiest cheese probably isn't the best thing to chow down on in the middle of a busy day (can you say nap time?), but man it's tasty.

The crinkle fries were overwhelmingly blah, but hard to complain about for such a price.  It's pretty easy to tell they came straight from a bag in the walk-in freezer.  Hand cut, well seasoned fries would probably go a long way at the Green Iguana.

Overall though, lunch at Green Iguana is definitely worth the try if you haven't checked it out.  Each location boasts more than enough space to get a big lunch time crowd in and out pretty quickly.  I'd say the wallet-friendly menu is worth the trip alone.  Head to one of the six Green Iguana locations, see if you agree, and rate/review on our Green Iguana business listings!