Take this as you will, but we learned quickly on Thursday that some of the best wings in the Tampa Bay area are served from the bottom story of a Ramada Inn in the Westshore District.  It's from a spot called Hurricane Grill & Wings and it might just change the way you'd think about the typical hotel restaurant.

Adorned with all the trappings of a casual themed sports bar, including a variety of beach-y hurricane decor through, Hurricane Grill & Wings is an expansive bar and restaurant not too different from a variety of island-themed bars in Tampa, mainly the Green Iguana, which was actually housed in this location before Hurricane took over about two years ago.

Hurricane's menu boasts your standard assortment of bar fare including burgers, tropical entrees, and appetizers, but their wing selection is the crowning achievement, boasting over 30 different unique flavors to choose from.

This isn't some throwaway list either where about five sauces are worth trying and the other ~20 aren't worth touching with a ten foot pole.  Each sauce we tried shined with its own unique, bold flavor that kept us coming back.  Even flavors like Chipotle Raspberry bounced on the taste buds with a nuanced balance of sweet and spicy that made for a deliciously unique flavor.

The Cajun dry rubbed wings were another knockout boasting a vibrant array of spices that won't send you into an ice-water chugging fury.  The other dry rub we tried, the Habanero Lime, probably could, but if you're a fan of the spicy wings, these things creep up on you in the best way possible, neither getting super painful but packing a ton of flavor that hard to resist regardless of how bad it hurts.

Listen, if you love wings (and who doesn't?) a visit to Hurricane Grill & Wings will definitely be worth your while.  It's a veritable playground of different wing flavors and textures and quite the fun time if you like exploring outside the typical wing flavor comfort zone.

All in all, Hurricane is a very worthwhile and under looked destination for great wings in the Tampa Bay area.

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