It definitely isn't hard to find a slice of pizza in Ybor City.  In this nightlife-heavy district, pizza shop owners know that this stuff is like sugar to the ants of drunken crowds leaving the clubs on any given night of the week.  When last call strikes, it doesn't even matter if you're pizza's good, just as long as there's enough and it's in close proximity to all these places  people will be pouring out of.

That's the situation New York, New York Pizza finds itself in.  Situated right next to the corner of 7th Avenue and 15th Street, New York New York sits within a stone's throw of Ybor bars and clubs like The Ritz, Czar, The Honey Pot, Club Hedo, The Reservior Bar, and surely a few others.

For a pizza place, this is prime territory.  On a late Friday night, in a sea of this many boozed-up, ravenous folk, that greasy pie might as well just be piles of cold, hard cash.

I ventured out there today with a sober, pizza-judging head to see if New York, New York was more than just a feed stall for the for the cattle of late night revelers.

And, hey, it was.  Beyond the big walk-up pizza window, sits an actual restaurant with quick and friendly service and whole menu beyond the stereotypical pizza slice with calzones, hot and cold sandwiches, salads, wings, and more.

There's nothing like pizza though, and New York New York's is no exception; hot and melty with just enough crunch to keep it from being a flaccid wreck.  Pepperonis were plentiful and the supreme came with enough topping to not feel skimped.  Nothing quite mindblowing, but some damn good pizza nonetheless.

Their wings come out shrimpy and kind of dry, but they're wings.  Slathered in enough sauce (get the garlic.  It's magical) it's still no task eating them all.

For what they are, New York New York Pizza is a solid restaurant in Ybor City.  If you're looking for a good slice, post-bar or not, they've definitely got you covered.  Don't forget to give them a rate/review on the New York, New York Pizza business listing.