Nestled in the heart of Downtown Tampa, Pizza Fusion is a small pizzeria well-versed in the big notion of changing the way we typically think about pizza.

From its Ikea-d out, colorful decor to its oblong, rectangular pies, Pizza Fusion is hardly your grandfather's pizzeria, and that may just be a good thing.  Questionably old, glass-encased pies and paper plates are replaced with an assortment of chewy, thin-crusted pies with options ranging from the standard fare to vegan, gluten-free, and more.

Appetizers at Fusion are pretty sparse with about five options including mini meatball sliders, stuffed mushrooms, and more.  If the mushrooms are any indication, though, attention to flavor and detail are paramount with their apps.

Composed of crimini mushrooms stuffed with sausage, goat cheese, and herbs, the stuffed mushrooms work as little flavor bombs bursting with a pungent, spicy flavored well balanced by small, cooked dollops of creamy goat cheese.

The pies at Pizza Fusion are the stars of the show and come baked atop thin, but deliciously chewy crusts with an assortment of artisan toppings ranging from classic pepperoni to roasted artichoke hearts, sweet Italian sausage, and more.

Fusion does sausage in a crumbly style which yields itself to a bigger spread and more flavor throughout the pie.  Their pre-selected sausage and tri-color pepper pie is a testament to this, loaded with those savory sausage crumbles, sauteed, soft peppers, and a mozzarella/provolone/parmesan combo which really shines atop their delicious, but hardly show-stealing crust.

It seems entirely possible that a pizza purist would easily scoff at a place like Pizza Fusion.  They're different, maybe even a little strange compared to some old, hole in the wall pizza joint, but if you can get past all the contemporary wrapping, you'll find a surprisingly tasty pie inside.