When you pride yourself on great local eats, it's often a worthwhile endeavor to branch from the norm and try a restaurant that strays from the common lineup of great eateries in the area.

Renzo's Argentine Steakhouse is a testament to this statement and a fantastic destination for a variety of grilled, delectable eats with a unique and exotic twist.

Walk in to Renzo's and you're greeted with a clean, modern atmosphere that's deceptively casual when it comes to their prices and flavors emanating off the menu.

That menu is an ample one, chocked full of flavor, meaty meals that'll easily surprise both the palate and wallet.  The highlight is a traditional Argentinian mixed called Renzo's Parilla (charcoal-grilled) which comes with a bounty of grilled meats including skirt steak, beef ribs, chorizo sausage, grilled chicken, and pork tenderloin.

But, the meaty selections don't stop there.  Renzo's special during our time visiting was a grilled 10-ounce top sirloin, traditionally called Picanha, served with a side of fries and an empanada to kick things off.

Renzo's chicken empanada is a symbol of delicious simplicity; a tiny, flaky nugget filled with shredded, seasoned chicken that's not only light, but powerfully flavorful.

The sirloin steak followed suit with a perfectly-grilled, medium-rare texture that lets the flavor of the meat shine, and not much else - the way a great steak should be.  Don't be afraid to ask for a side of chimichurri, though, which adds a whole new element of spice-laden, oily flavor to the meat easily able to get your mouth watering and plate clean.

For $11.95, it's hard to beat such a deal, not only in terms of affordability, but quantity and quality as well.

Sound good?  Give Renzo's Gourmet a try, see if you agree, then give your own rating and review of this unique South Tampa restaurant on the Renzo's Argentine Steakhouse 813area business listing.