As one of the newest additions to the South Tampa restaurant scene, The Outpost Tavern and Tap House is a welcome epicenter for those seeking a variety of craft beers on tap; creative, big-portioned bar food; sports and more.

Much like it's sports bar brethren, The Outpost offers your standard assortment of big screen TVs, almost all-female waitstaff, and enough beer to satisfy any tasteful, regular drinker in the area.

The menu is a welcome step-up from the regular assortment of traditional wing and burger bar fare with creative twists on bar favorites including a burgers with toppings like pulled pork and swiss, creative sandwiches like the BeerLT with the standard BLT ingredients on beer-battered sourdough and more.

When it comes to the execution, The Outpost is nothing stellar, but definitely worth the visit if you're looking for a nice change of pace from your standard sports bar.  The darkened atmosphere and wooden decor make for a nice, intimate atmosphere that's very much its own and the expansive bar looks like it could accommodate well for the big games.

Their El Cubana burger, with the aformentioned pulled pork, swiss, mustard, and pickle on Cuban bread is an absolute mess to eat, but pretty delicious nonetheless.  A side of beer-battered fries are a welcome touch and, once again, a step up from the standard, bland fries you'd usually find at a sports bar.

Their onion rings appetizer is also worth a mention, which comes served with roasted garlic ranch and chipotle ketchup. The ketchup is a knockout with just enough chipotle to sneak through and not overpower.  The roasted garlic ranch just kind of tasted like ranch-ranch, but drip it over a golden-friend, beer-battered onion ring and this is pretty small potatoes (or, onions?).

Sound good?  Check out The Outpost Tavern and Tap House then let us know what you think with your own rating and review on the The Outpost Tavern and Tap House 813area business listing.