By: Andrew Silverstein

Sometimes it seems like there are a million places to grab a cold sandwich in Tampa.  From your own fridge to sub shops, grocery stores, upscale restaurants and so much more, the availability of goodness between two slices is nothing short of plague-like in Tampa, heck, anywhere really.  So, what does a place have to do to stand out from the rest?

Judging from my trip to Wright's Gourmet House, not a whole lot.  Their formula's a basic one that persevered for almost 50 years; classic deli fare including sandwiches that are  stacked high, crafted artfully, and served quick.

Don't mistake basic for lazy or unoriginal though.  Wright's has a way of leaving a unique touch on their fare that makes them more than some random, faceless deli.

Their roast beef, for instance, comes carefully trimmed and selected, so much so that about a pound of sandwich meat is utilized from two pounds of top round according to their menu.  Thrown into their thick, signature sandwich, the Beef Martini, the roast beef becomes the principal component of a solid, tasty sandwich.  Piled high with the aforementioned then topped with white wine marinated mushrooms, bacon, and a garlic herb spread, the Beef Martini is pure heaven in sandwich form.

A simple turkey sandwich was, well, simple; thin-sliced turkey, mayonnaise, and lettuce between pumpernickel baked fresh in their kitchen.  Not bad by any means, but nothing stellar.

Wright's Gourmet House also boasts an assortment of salads, all seemingly more intriguing as you read down the menu.  Broccoli and peanut salad was a sweet concoction of tiny broccoli florets, red onions, and salted peanuts swimming in a bath sweet mayo dressing.  Aside from the ridiculous mayo surplus, the broccoli and peanut salad was still an intriguing mix of flavors and textures definitely worth a try.

Wright's throws some pesto in their pasta salad giving an otherwise, typically bland side dish a whole new dimension. Rotini noodles, snow peas, artichoke hearts, and zucchini and red peppers get a splash of creamy pesto sauce and all work in harmony quite nicely.

That's Wright's for you.  They keep it classic, but aren't afraid to get a little inventive with fare like the Beef Martini and their assortment of unique salads.  Overall, my experience at Wright's was a satisfying one.  If you're looking to step up your lunch-break game or just dine at a classic, Tampa institution, Wright's Gourmet House has you covered.