Food halls are the biggest restaurant trend in 2017, and the Tampa Bay area will soon have one of our very own. Located at 1701 N Franklin in burgeoning Tampa Heights, The Hall on Franklin will feature delectable offerings from seven different amazing Tampa restaurants sharing a large communal serving space.

If you aren't up on the latest foodie phenomenon, food halls are the mall food courts of yesteryear, reimagined with clean, modern decor and talented chefs. Gone are the crappy plastic chairs, dirty tables, and greasy fast food - think artisanal cocktails, incredible ingredients, and hipster gourmands.

The kids who spent hours beyond counting socializing at the food court in their hometown mall are now today's savvy consumers who are looking for upscale dining options in a revitalized neighborhood. In other cities, food halls are sometimes focused on a single theme, such as Italian cuisine, vegetarian, or local chefs only. World famous chef and television icon Anthony Bourdain will soon be opening a massive 155,000 square foot market and food gallery in New York City.


Photo by North Star Eatery ~ Hall on Franklin ~ Facebook Cover photo by The Hall on Franklin

The Hall on Franklin will have several tantalizing eateries, from decadent comfort food to Hawaiian poke. Heights Fish Camp will have local seafood and a raw bar, while The Melt Shoppe will delight cheese lovers with their Brie-L-T sandwich and hand-crafted milkshakes. A craft coffee bar and a confectionery shop called Bake'N' Babes will be sharing the space with Asian fusion and bespoke cocktails.

The Hall will be only a few blocks away from Water Works Park, and a modern new apartment building, The Pearl, is also going up nearby in the Tampa Heights neighborhood, a new 314 unit apartment complex. The historic Armature Works building is currently being renovated and will soon offer another dining option and an event space.


Photo by The Melt Shoppe ~ Hall of Franklin ~  Facebook

The Hall on Franklin, once an auto shop in the 1920's and later a dance hall, is revitalizing Tampa Heights in a bold and wonderful way as this once empty structure rediscovers its purpose as the newest foodie destination in Tampa Bay! Opening in June, the Hall on Franklin will soon become a local treasure - don't miss your chance to experience this unique dining experience in Tampa.