Leave your passport at home and feast your way aound the world at Fresh Harvest's spectacular Sunday Brunch!  Located inside the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa, Fresh Harvest is an all-you-can-eat buffet experience featuring seven kitchens with entertaining chefs preparing food from around the world. Just remember to wear something comfortable because you're in for a long culinary ride.

Map It Out: The first thing you'll notice when you arrive at Fresh Harvest is the space itself, it's huge! Like all wordly culinary adventures, you need a map to plan your visit and maximize that vauluable stomach space. After we were shown to our table, our friendly host gave us a tour of each kitchen and reviewed the dining options in detail. We headed back to our table to map out our eating adventure while enjoying a glass of champagne.  

A Taste of the Orient: Asia was calling our name so we flew over to the Sushi, Noodles and Dim Sum station to enjoy a taste of the Orient.  I'm a sucker for sushi so I piled my plate high with an assortment of sushi rolls and seaweed salad while my friend feasted on some Dim Sum including Pork Shumai and Shrimp & Chive Dumplings. We were off to a super fresh and delicious start!

Breakfast Americana: After our Asian warm-up, it was time to head back to the US to get our traditional American breakfast fix.  Fresh Harvest offers standard American breakfast items including eggs, bacon, cheese grits, french toast and pancakes but they also take it up a notch with their eggs benedict, delicious buttermilk biscuits & thick sausage gravy and a build-your-own omelet station. This hard rocker knows how to make an omelet!

Louisiana On My Mind: after a very successful start, it was time for something light so we headed to the Raw Bar.  Living in New Orleans caused me to develop quite an oyster addiction so I cozied up to the oyster bar and grabbed a few freshly shucked oysters and all the trimmings.  

We also enjoyed the mountains of fresh crawfish and peel and eat shrimp. It's been a long time since I've seen crawfish like this!

Mongolian Moment: I've never been to Mongolia but I sure do love Mongolian BBQ!  Skip the flight and head to Fresh Harvest instead for their cooked to order Mongolian Grill.  Just follow the steps below and watch your dish being prepared right in front of your eyes on their traditional spinning Mongolian style grill. 

Brazilian BBQ Dreams: Speaking of meat, we couldn't resist the chance to take a trip to Brazil for some traditional Brazilian Churrasco.  Choices included marinated skirt steak, homemade sausages, fire grilled chicken, and fresh grilled vegetables. I loved all of the homemade sauce options including Brazilian BBQ Sauce, Black Bean Salsa, Garbanzo Bean Salad and Roasted Garlic Dip. You can also choose to add on a Lobster tail for $10.95, a Ribeye for $6.95 or a N.Y. Strip for $7.95. Now this is fresh!

Festa Italiana: one of my favorite things about traveling to Italy is the food so we couldn't end our culinary tour without a quick trip to Italy! The Italian station features a huge selection of antipasto, fresh pasta, homemade meatballs, baked pasta dishes, sausage and peppers, garlic bread, fresh pizza from their stone pizza oven, and more.  I don't eat pasta often but the Baked Ziti was definitely worth the "cheat" and my friend raved about the pizza.

You know the pizza is fresh when it comes straight out of this oven:

A La Francaise: after feasting in Italy in was time to jump over to France for a little sweet, a sweet made to order Crepe.  These decadent crepes are filled with pastry cream, your choice of fruit and topped with all the fancy fixings.  It was absolutely divine!

Sweets, Sweets and More Sweets! Our trip to France triggered my sweet tooth so we decided to finish off our culinary adventure with some classic American desserts.  From fresh milkshakes to homemade ice cream, a make-your-own Strawberry Shortcake Bar, to cakes, pies and pastries galore, the choices are overwhelming! Did we mention there's also a Chocolate Fountain with all the dippings? Oh, how I love Chocolate Fountains!

All of the desserts were beautifully presented:

It's was tough to choose just one!

But this is Fresh Harvest so we didn't have to! We couldn't resist making a Strawberry Shortcake too:

After a few hours of feasting, it was time to turn in our Fresh Harvest passports and head to the slots!  Fresh Harvest exceeded all of our brunch expectations and at only $27 per adult (plus tax), you can feast your way around the world for less than the cost of a taxi to the airport. 

Hope you enjoy Fresh Harvest as much as we did! 

Ciao for now.