By: Andrew Silverstein

So, you've probably tried some international food in Tampa at least a few times; a little Mexican here, maybe some Chinese there, some Irish pub grub, Greek if you're feeling adventurous.  These are the mainstays, but you can bet there's some not-so-typical cuisine from around the world being served up right here in Tampa.  Here's five places that do it right.

Queen of Sheba - Experience the flavors of Ethopia at Queen of Sheba in South Tampa.  Ethopian cuisine is typically classified by a medley of spicy vegetables and meats all served on top of injera - a large sourdough pancake.  No utensils needed here.  Just rip off a piece of the injera and, literally, dig in.  Many Western vegetarians enjoy Ethopian cuisine as it provides a plentiful variety of vegetarian options.

Byblos - Byblos has been serving up traditional Lebanese cuisine in Tampa since 2001.   Lebanese cuisine is traditionally heavy in starches, fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and, seafood with slight emphasis on land animal meats like chicken, lamb, and goat.  Enjoy traditional Lebanese dishes like Baba Ghanuj - dip of roasted eggplant, blended with tahina, lemon juice, garlic
& topped with extra virgin olive oil - or Shish Kabob with chunks of filet marinated with olive oil, herbs, and spices; skewered and charbroiled to perfection.

El Puerto - El Puerto does Argentinean and you can bet they do it right.  Carnivores will rejoice over Parrillada, or mixed grill, a plateful of Argentinean sausage, short-rib, skirt steak, chicken breast, pork chop, sweet bread, and morcilla (Spanish blood sausage).  Other menu items include skirt steak, beef stew, and much more.

Terra Sur Cafe - Next stop, Peru.  Peruvian cuisine is recognized as one of the most diverse in the world because of the many waves of immigrants moving to Peru throughout the country's rich history.  Traditional menu items include Pollo Saltado - seasoned tenderloin sautéed with red onions, plump tomatoes and mixed with french fries and fresh herbs over white rich - and Chupe - shrimp and fish chowder with carrots, peas, baby lima beans, potatoes, rice and poached eggs.