Each year, over 7,000 animals without a home come to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. These dogs, cats, rabbits and "pocket pets" deserve a loving family. Could that family be yours? 

Humane Society of Tampa Bay keeps their official website updated with pets for adoption in Tampa. Their select pages have photos and profiles for each animal . The pets featured here are just a few of the animals needing a furrever home! 

Have a look at our featured list with an open heart to some of the sweetest pets to adopt in Tampa Bay: 


Ginger the rabbit is a fluffy ball of love. She's a one year old orange rabbit who was surrendered by her owner because she had become "too big." With Easter Sunday fast approaching, Ginger is hoping to become somebody's beloved Easter bunny! 

Ginger's Pet ID# 34372017 


Molly is a two-year-old sweetheart. She's a retriever mix with a snuggly coat and a love for fun. Her brother Shane is also up for adoption and it would be wonderful for the two to find a forever home together! Molly is one of the most darling rescue dogs in Tampa Bay. She's energetic and would make an amazing addition to your family! 

Molly's Pet ID# 34812793 


Shane is also an energetic two-year-old retriever mix. He and his sister Molly are both neutered and spayed. Shane has a soft red and white coat and loves to play. If you're looking for one (or two!) lovable additions to your family, visit Shane and his sister at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Shane's Pet ID# 34812764 


Lila is a five-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. She's black and white and lovable all over! Lila has been at Humane Society of Tampa Bay since March 4 and can't wait to find her new forever home. Lila is already spayed, she's extremely friendly and she's one of the sweetest dogs up for adoption in Tampa. 

Lila's Pet ID# 34783671 


Charlie is an eight year old terrier mix. Don't let his age fool you, though. This active dog is still energetic and loves to play! Charlie is a family-oriented boy and is looking for a loving family to bring him into their home. Could that family be yours? 

Charlie's Pet ID# 34840125 


Tiki is a two-year-old grey and white shorthair with a sweet temperament. She has a chill personality and does well in a quiet family home with older, more responsible children. Tiki is afraid of dogs, so a home that's looking for just a kitty companion would be the best fit for her. This sweet little lady is looking for a forever home with a forever family! 

Tiki's Pet ID# 34554184


This furry little man is one of the most fun and playful cats up for adoption in Tampa. Ozzy is a two-year-old orange tabby and has lots of fun energy! He is well behaved and neutered. Ozzy is a lovable rescue cat and would make an adorable addition to your home. 

Ozzy's Pet ID# 34812741


Zorro is a one-year-old black and white male who loves to play. He's already neutered and litter box trained, making him a ready-to-move-in companion! Visit him at Humane Society of Tampa Bay  Zorro could be the dream cat you've always wanted to adopt. 

Zorro's Pet ID# 34948172 

Whether you or someone you know are looking for a new four-legged addition to the family, visit Humane Society of Tampa Bay for the sweetest rescue pets in Tampa. Each of their rescue animals needs a loving home, and you just might find the puzzle piece your family needs! 

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All photos courtesy of Humane Society of Tampa Bay website and Facebook page