Nowadays, if purchases can't be made with the click of a single button, rides can't be hailed just as easily and communication can't be done without the very same thing, we don't like it and will often spend money to find a more convenient alternative. When it comes to getting a handyman for last-minute repairs for your home, why should that be any different? HOMEE offers a solution to this providing you with a handyman on demand!

What exactly is HOMEE? HOMEE provides access to thousands of certified handyman in your area and gets you the best handyman for the job. Every handyman is "verified" by HOMEE so you'll never get a below-average handyman doing your repairs. According to HOMEE's website, "only 1 out of 20 independent contractors who apply every get to be called a HOMEE. The repairmen also go through an extensive background check which includes checking their criminal history. Moreover, every job done by a Homee certified handyman is also insured! Not to mention, the app is completely free! One of the best parts about HOMEE unlike other repair companies you might've used in the past - you only pay for the time your handyman is working. HOMEE doesn't round up or down, you only pay for the exact time they're there.

What You Can Expect From A HOMEE Handyman Repair Services In Your Area 

On-Demand Handyman Services.

Once a job request has been accepted, a HOMEE is usually at the job site in as little as 30 minutes.

Vetted and background-checked Handymen.

Every HOMEE is vetted and background-checked prior to joining the network—meaning you get professional services you can trust.

Competitive Pricing for Handyman Services.

HOMEE negotiates favorable rates for handyman services and labor is billed down to the minute instead of rounding up to the hour.

Peace of Mind.

Every HOMEE job is backed by our $1,000 quality guarantee and a $2 million insurance coverage.

Now that you know a little bit about HOMEE let us tell you how it works. Like many of the other services we book; hairdressers, rideshares and even food deliveries, the HOMEE app allows its users to easily book and pay their handymen from their phone with the touch of a button. Every handyman on HOMEE is rated and ready to work usually within 30 minutes after you place your request. When requesting a handyman for your job, you'll have the ability to post photos of the work you need to be done in order to make sure that the handyman is well-equipped and prepared to take on your request. After requesting your handyman, you can also monitor their arrival on your phone, like you would a ride service you've requested. This way, you can run an errand or two all while making sure you're home in time for your repairman!

The only thing you need to do while you sit back and watch your certified handyman go to work... absolutely nothing! 

DIY home repairs are so 2019, download the HOMEE app and have a professional handyman in your area get to work. 

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