Whether it's a leak under the sink, loud garbage disposal or a runny faucet, one thing's for sure, home repairs can be difficult to manage and fit into your schedule. Especially if home repairs are needed during the holidays, the task in finding the perfect handyman near you as well as the odd-holiday hours can be an ever-mounting obstacle. Homee allows its clients a solution to this! Here's How to Easily Get Home Repair Services During The Holidays!

Homee on Demand is a network that provides its clients with the ability to access thousands of qualified, insured and certified home-repair professionals that are ready to work on your home 24 hours a day/7 days a week! You might be thinking, HOMEE sounds too good to be true, right? Homee has hundreds of testimonials supporting their excellent service on their Twitter account as well as on their website. Just take it from Jeff F. who says, "amazing service with amazing support staff. Highly recommend." So, how exactly does the Homee app work?

Clients can start by downloading the Homee app. From there, clients will have access to handymen at their fingertips. Users can tap the trade they need, enter their location and even add photos and other details to make sure their handyman is well equipped for the job. If you're curious how far away your repair person is or need to run a quick errand before their arrival, not to worry! The Homee offers a GPS feature so you can track your repair person's location and estimated time of arrival. What could be even better than this? Homee only charges you for the time your worker is actually working! They don't round up to the nearest hour. Instead, they only charge you minute-by-minute. The entire transaction is also completed through the app so no need to run to an ATM or grab your wallet from your purse. The last step in the process is to give your repairman a five-star rating!

The app is also completely free so even if you're simply curious to discover more about Homee On Demand or are looking for a repairman, download their app! They also do a free demo and you can check this out on their site.

Do-it-yourself is overrated, download the Homee App!