By: Andrew Silverstein

It's unavoidable.  Once you're in college, you're going to be studying, a lot.  While the inside of your house or apartment is comforting and familiar, things can get a little monotonous after a while, not to mention distracting.  Roommates going in and out, the TV blasting, it can get kind of hectic.

Heading to any of the many great study spots on campus is a great bet, but if you're commuting, parking can be a major pain.  Luckily there are a few great study spots offering free wifi, coffee and more conveniently close to campus.  These are our favorites.

International Boba House and Internet Cafe - This is a great tea shop specializing in the unique bubble tea drink and a great study spot as well.  Located just a block from the Southwest corner of campus, International Boba House offers free wifi, comfortable seating and variety of coffees, teas, and smoothies to keep your energy up.

Lettuce Lake Park - You might want to hold off until the temperature drops a bit for this one, but once it does, Lettuce Lake can be a great place to study.  Find a picnic table or bring a blanket and rest under a shaded tree with the books for a natural, serene study environment.  No wifi, of course, but a good way to enjoy the outdoors with the books.

Cafe Kili - A popular Fowler Avenue coffee joint for students and professionals alike, Cafe Kili is a great place to study and just a stone's throw away from campus.  Got a study group?  They've got a 15 person conference room.  Fresh roasted coffee, espresso, tea and more.

Mojo Books and Music - The Mojo Tea and Coffee Bar inside Mojo Books and music is another great study spot near campus.  Enjoy Kahwa Coffee, Japanese slow-brewed coffe, and a variety of other unique beverages.  Best of all, you can take a study break and browse the awesome, diverse selection of books and music at Mojo.