Guided by government, Tampa has seen a surge in construction and development in recent months as strategists moved our local economy out of a recession; but all that may end this weekend unless Mayor Bob Buckhorn and residents get the word out to everyone about the existential collapse of Tampa as we know it. The Apocalypse is coming!

Local photographer and artist, Leonardo Arbonies, who recently created a gripping image of Tampa in Deep Water has depicted a grim apocalyptic scene of Tampa with the sun setting on a city filled with destruction and lifeless streets (image above).  After the local media picked up a story on Leo's artwork, he was contacted by the organizers of Guavaween to design imagery for the 30th Annual Guavaween Festival: Apocalypse theme taking place in Ybor City this Saturday, October 24th at the Cuban Club. Or so we were told...

Predicted to begin Saturday, October 24th at 6 pm, an end of the world party to end ALL will take place on the grounds of the historic Cuban Club in Ybor City. Revelers are expected to gather with cocktails, specialty beers, live bands and a DJ to dance, sing and celebrate The Apocalypse! They call it, Guavaween!

Guavaween, The Apocalypse is upon us; mere hours away! Do you have social media ‘Followers’? Can you spread the word? Let’s go viral!

"Help us Mayor Buckhorn, you're our only hope!"

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