Dishonorable Mention Episode 7 is everywhere, but also in deep on so much happening around Tampa and beyond.

  • 0:42: Pre-Intro Hardees deliciousness. 
  • 4:42: Intros and expounding on the Mueller Report, a week after the Attorney General released his statement. What's the next step for the Democrats? 
  • 6:50: Comparing the Report to the Starr Report and the Clinton Administration. 
  • 12:06: The election process and the affects of the 2016 election on 2020. 
  • 18:38: Former Vice President Joe Biden jumping into the election race? Will his past prevent him from launching a campaign?
  • 24:39: How past transgressions affect elected officials; does context matter? 
  • 30:39: The State of Florida Board of Trustees approved the appointment of Dr. Steve Currall as the new President of the University of South Florida System; St. Petersburg Mayor Kriseman has some opinions. 
  • 31:21 : Currall’s challenges with consolidation, conducting business, supplier diversity, and athletics. Collin Sherwin jumps on!
  • 40:46: The process of hiring with the Sunshine State law. How can these laws be changed to still keep the process in the public, but not deter quality candidates from the initial search process? 
  • 46:46: What's happening in Tallahassee? Representative Chris Latvala talks session half-way point, state budgets, and constitutional amendments. 
  • 52:12: Should 16-year-olds be eligible to vote?  
  • 56:27: The 2019 NCAA Women's Final Four is in Downtown Tampa this week. We talk events, concerts, and the process of hosting major events in our city. CC:  Tampa Bay Sports Commission .
  • 60:32: Hillsborough vs. Pinellas, can't we just get along? County Battle! 
  • 1:09:12: Today's Florida Man story!

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