Transitioning from being a stressed out, full-time college student to a lazy, broke 19-year old on summer break has its drawbacks. One hitch of having no responsibilities is having no motivation to get out of bed. After plowing through all movies worth watching on Netflix and HBO, the time comes when a girl’s gotta get out of the house.

At the beginning of summer, my friends and I started taking advantage of $5 movie Tuesday at AMC West Shore 14. Here we were, thinking we were getting such an amazing deal, when we had yet to hear of the revolutionary Movie Pass.

What’s a Movie Pass? Simply the best thing to ever happen to avid movie-goers. We’re talking $10 a month for unlimited movies (well, one movie a day). When the cost of a movie on a regular day is already $11.95, you’re saving money by just going to one movie a month. After signing up online, a card is mailed to you with an activation code. Movie Pass then operates through a user-friendly app where you can reserve your ticket just minutes before the showing, so there’s no need to plan ahead. Swipe the card when you get to the theater and voila!

Another great thing about the Movie Pass is that you can easily lend it to your friends. As long as they have the app, they’ll be able to check into the movie upon arrival and use your pass for free (unless you decide to charge them a little fee in exchange for your generosity).

On the Movie Pass app, you can see all the theaters that honor your card. Not only are all AMC Theaters included, but specialty theaters like Villagio Cinemas, Tampa Theatre, Studio Movie Grill, and many others are also part of this great deal. Spending money on an overpriced dinner or bucket of popcorn hurts a little less when you don’t have to foot the ticket onsite.

Overall, I’d say the only downside to having a Movie Pass is the challenge of convincing your Movie Pass-less friends to come to the theater with you. When you’re getting such a wild deal, it’s easy for those missing out to get jealous. Solution? Convince them to get a Movie Pass too.

Although I’ll probably cancel my subscription when it’s time to go back to school and resume responsibility, Movie Pass is definitely a steal for those who take at least a monthly trip to the movies. Plus, the whole experience is much more enjoyable when you feel like you're saving big!

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Cover image courtesy of Unsplash.