Tampa's burgeoning arts scene gets bigger every day, and it's getting a solid assist with a beautiful new large-scale mural in Ybor City, courtesy of internationally acclaimed visual artists Leon Keer, Massina, and Amsterdam-based street artist IVES.ONE. This traffic-stopping three-dimensional piece is yours to enjoy at The Basel House, an imaginative Tampa firm specializing in the art of real estate, located at 2604 East 7th Avenue.

Leon Keer is a world-renowned street artist who learned to paint through designing and producing large advertising murals for multinational organizations like Coca-Cola. He's known across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia for his experimentation with a wide variety of mediums and techniques, and his thoughtful explorations of current environmental concerns. 

Basel House co-founder Grant Vreeland is a visionary in the up-and-coming arts community of Tampa Bay, tirelessly supporting local artists as well as helping to raise Tampa's profile as a city deserving of a vibrant arts scene. Vreeland is a loyal attendee of Miami's world-famous Art Basel festival, where he first met IVES.ONE, a talented artist with work being shown in cities around the globe. IVES is also well-known for his work with brands like Grolsch, MINI, and Rockstar, and he is a founding member of the Amsterdam Street Art Foundation. Vreeland will also be working with Amsterdam Street Art to curate The Basel House's indoor gallery space, with a focus on street art and contemporary local works. 

Amsterdam Street Art is also hoping to launch an artist-in-residence program, designed to bring even more world-class art to the Tampa Bay area. IVES has high hopes that local residents will play a vital role in this new program, working closely with international artists to develop a strong community arts endeavor. The program also hopes to offer workshops on various street art methods, ranging from chalk to graffiti to anamorphic 3D murals such as the one now on view at The Basel House in Ybor. 

Also be sure to check out the new installation at Tampa Museum of Art in the revitalized riverfront district, or enjoy thought-provoking sculpture at tasty Ulele in historic Tampa Heights. Visual arts increase a neighborhood's desirability and sense of unique community, so get out and enjoy your local arts scene! 

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Photo of new Ybor City mural from Danny Grandez of 813area.