If you are like me, the first of every new year starts off with a resolution to cleanse and detoxify! For many, diets always lead to the same rollercoaster weight loss ride. You know, you lose the "freshman twenty", and then it's the "Spring Break diet", "before I go on vacation diet",  everyone's "summer bathing suit diet", and the milestone diets like "pre-wedding diet", "pre-pregnancy diet", and then the dreaded, "must lose this baby weight diet" after you have kids. At every age, we are implementing new diets and workout plans only to lose interest.

But what if you could successfully meet your goals and get fit with a 15-minute workout just twice a week? If you live in Tampa you can convert 15 minutes into a fitness program that will help you gain muscle and lose fat! Think about it - 15 minutes, two days a week. I've done it, and can attest it's not smoke and mirrors.

We know exercise takes planning, dedication, commitment and time. A busy lifestyle often creates challenges that many cannot overcome, which causes even more stress, and then a sense of failure which causes you to lose hope and not change habits. This is the worst possible outcome of any fitness program, so I was skeptical. I have begun many workout programs and diets and none were 15 minutes.  It takes longer to gather my kid's laundry! I could not imagine how this could work. Then I met Bob Kissel!

I accepted the offer to try a free class at the Max Q Fitness studio on MacDill in South Tampa. There is also second facility, Max Q Fitness Carrollwood. But the results: WOW. Holy cow, this program is amazing! No shots, no pills, no pre-packaged foods, no meetings, and no prying eyes as all workouts are one-on-one.

The program, Max Q Metabolic Fitness in Tampa, is the brainchild of Kissel. An ardent health and Tampa fitness professional, he created a program supported by science and technology that delivers measurable results. In just one short week I tweaked my eating habits with a focus on protein, and I felt better, stronger. and even lost a few pounds. Most importantly, I was instantly converting fat into muscle.

I know it sounds crazy, but I accomplished measurable results with a 15-minute workout.  Bob's mission is to teach people the science behind his patented program so they can understand how various exercise affects a person's body and overall fitness goals. He and his partner Jane Dennison get excited talking fitness in Tampa.

All that cardio you are doing?  Bob says, "Why? if you are trying to gain muscle, you are just shredding it, and all that cardio will only make you hungrier".  And weight training? "You can, but it's a waste of time...." You don't need to do these things when you can get fit in 15 minutes twice a week. I know you're still skeptical, but with a free first class you can try it yourself.

Bob is passionate in his pursuit to change how people eat and work out to build muscle and lose fat. The results prove his theory on fitness and, Max Q Fitness may be the answer to long-term fitness success. In a regional Biggest Loser competition, his contestant won and credits Max Q Fitness and Bob for the outcome.

Curious? Skeptical? I was both. Now I'm determined to push through and enjoy the results - to build muscle, lose fat, and achieve long-lasting fitness. As we get older, our bodies are constantly losing muscle. Max Q Fitness offers programs for people of all ages. If you have limited time, want to build muscle and lose fat, give Bob 15 minutes of your time and let Max Q Fitness change how you look and feel. Tell him you read this, Where in Tampa You Can Get Fit in 15 Min Twice a Week, and you'll get one free session! 

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Pictures from Max Q Fitness.