I’m beyond excited and thrilled. If you’re a makeup lover like me, you'll understand my excitement right now because Morphe just opened a store in Tampa, and celebrity makeup artist Jaclyn Hill was there to perform the ribbon-cutting ceremony!  

Morphe is a makeup brand that makes products such as makeup brushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and many more, and, this year, they're opening more stores throughout the U.S. The Tampa store is located on the first floor of International Plaza next to Forever 21. As a customer, I can say the products are all amazing quality, and the prices are so affordable!

With hundreds gathering last weekend at the new Morphe store, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was a huge success. It's also a dream come true to Jaclyn Hill. “I used to work in the MAC store upstairs, and now I’m cutting the ribbon for Morphe. This is surreal!” said Hill.

Hill started her YouTube career seven years ago and is most known for her skillful makeup tutorials. With more than five million subscribers, she is one of the top "beauty gurus" on YouTube and has had many collaborations with makeup brands.

In fact, just within the past couple of years, Hill has collaborated with Morphe on multiple products including a brush collection and several eye shadow palettes, most notably the original Jaclyn Hill Eye Shadow Palette released in 2017.

Makeup artist Lipstick Nick and celebrity hairstylist Jesus Guerrero attended the ceremony; the family of Hill was also present.

Hundreds of fans gathered to see Jaclyn Hill at the Morphe store.

It was a special experience to be there and be part of the grand opening for the Morphe store in Tampa, and I'm so happy we have another place for makeup shopping! 

If you missed it, here's the video from Jaclyn Hill's Snacpchat on Opening Day:

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Cover photo from author