Your mom or dad might have told you to stand up straight and maintain good posture, and their advice comes for good reasons. Posture can affect your health in multiple ways. Standing tall can prevent neck pain and even headaches. Good posture can also impact other parts of your life. It can make you seem more confident, helping you when you attend job interviews and first dates. 

Improving your posture isn’t hard. If you can set aside a few minutes each day, you can learn how to stand and sit up straight. 

Follow these five tips to improve your posture. 

#1) Pull Your Shoulders Back

A simple way to improve your posture is to pull your shoulders back. Women and tall people, in particular, tend to push their shoulders forward, which can be detrimental to their posture as a whole. By standing with your shoulders back in a comfortable position, the rest of your body will fall in line. You can stand with your chest out and head up, ready to face whatever is ahead.

#2) Avoid Locking Your Knees

Many people think that good posture means standing rigid and uncomfortable. Not only is this untrue, but it also makes people avoid standing up straight because they think it is painful. Start by practicing standing with a slight bend in your knees. You should feel relaxed and fluid in this stance. With your legs in a comfortable position, you can focus on your shoulders and neck.   

#3) Put Down Your Phone

Many people develop “text neck” as a result of bad posture. This is pain caused by looking down at your phone for several hours at a time. If you’re worried about your posture, set aside technology for a little bit and focus on looking up and around you. 

#4) Make Eye Contact

If you’re not sure whether you’re standing correctly, see where your eyes fall naturally as you walk. If your neck is upright (and not looking at your phone) you should feel more comfortable making eye contact with the people around you. Remember, you don’t want to look down on others. Try to avoid jutting your chin out and overcompensating for bad posture. 

#5) Change Your Office Layout

The office is one of the most common locations to find bad posture. You can find most people slumped over their desks checking emails and working on projects. You can improve your posture without changing your desk or your chair. Adjust your computer so it is eye-level, so you’re not looking down at it all day. You can grab a book or ream of paper to do this if you need to. This small adjustment can make a big difference.   

Work With Professionals to Improve Your Posture

If you are worried about your current posture, consider seeking out expert advice on how you can improve it. Florida Wellness, a medical group based in Tampa, offers a variety of therapies – from chiropractic care to massage – to help you stand up straight.

Check out their guide on how to improve posture to see what they recommend to build healthy habits. 

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