Who doesn’t want the best?  We all do! Traveling is a chore, cooped up in a car or fuselage we can’t wait to arrive; as we ‘check-in’ at the hotel we hope our rooms resemble the photos we viewed online before booking.  Anxiously we head to our room, ready to unwind, decompress, relax a bit before heading to meetings and exploration of our destination. It's a tough choice, boutique hotels offer personalized amenities while luxury hotels give you the best options. Wouldn't it be great if you could experience the best of boutique at a luxury hotel in Tampa!

Experienced travelers know the ropes, understand upgrades and know what's worth the extra dough. Few however know about a unique boutique experience exclusive to Tampa. Try something new and wonderful, avant-garde upgrades designed specifically to deliver better rest, faster recovery from jet-lag, more energy, reduced stress and wellness tips!  Heard of Stay Well rooms?  Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina is one of five Marriott properties worldwide featuring Stay Well boutique benefits. The 15th floor of this stunning waterfront luxury hotel is THE place to sail into a luxury experience when staying in Tampa.

How Do They Do It?

  • Air purification to reduce pollen allergens, mold spores, particulates and microbes
  • Aromatherapy to create a calm, mood-enhancing environment with all-natural ingredients
  • Circadian mood lighting enables guests to adjust light environments to enhance sleep, energy, and productivity. 
  • Don’t grab your cell to light the way should you feel the need to get up during the night, certain areas of your room will be dimly lit with Long Wave Night Lighting
  • Non-toxic cleaning products and UV lighting reduce bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms
  • A lighting system simulates dawn to gently wake you, an energizing light to suppress melatonin and reduce jet lag and long wave night lighting to minimize sleep disruption
  • A Vitamin C-infused shower to reduces chlorine, keeping your hair and skin soft and smooth
  • Stay Well mattresses and encasements with natural memory foam for optimal support and comfort
  • Stay Well app with information about in-room features, a Jet Lag tool and complimentary Cleveland Clinic Wellness programs including proper nutrition
  • Replenish your energy with an exclusive selection of healthy meals based on a menu created by leading nutritionists at the Cleveland Clinic.
  • learn a straightforward approach to managing your reaction to stress with Mindfulness Meditation reducing your risk of stress-related illness. Learn proven relaxation techniques you can do anywhere.
  • Enjoy a Mediterranean diet, feel better, lose weight and become healthier rather than gaining while on vacation or out-of-town on business. Learn how to cook and enjoy food the Mediterranean way
  • Not sure you are getting the sleep you need? Find out with the Cleveland Clinic Sleep App, get your personal Sleep Score and stay well.

Why They Did it!

Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina is owned by Strategic Property Partners through Jeff Vinik and Cascade Investment.  Cascade and Vinik partnered with Delos, an innovator in health and wellness, to adhere to their commitment to building wellness certified properties, as they move forward with their downtown Tampa development plans.
Want a boutique experience with the benefits of a four-star hotel, then one of the 35 rooms on the Stay Well floor at the Tampa Marriott Waterside is the place to get the best of both worlds! When visiting Tampa Bay the Marriott Waterside is the place to stay! Call them today to experience the best of boutique living at this luxury waterfront hotel in the heart of Downtown Tampa.

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