Well, hey, this little state economy of ours might just be really bouncing back after all.  According to a survey created by TD Bank, 7 out of every 10 small business owners in Florida expect to match or exceed their revenue projections for the year 2012.

TD Bank surveyed over 300 Florida business owners about their expectations over the next year.  They did it last year as well.  Back then, around half of the business owners expected gains.

In addition to revenue gains, 67 percent of the business owners surveyed this year expect to keep staffing levels the same over the next quarter.  24 percent are also expecting to hire at least one new employee.

TD Bank also found that 82 percent of these Florida small business owners plan to maintain or increase capital investments up to 15 percent or more, but 83 percent said that moving into a new, commercial space within the next year was unlikely.

This should come as reassuring news for anyone seeking jobs in Tampa.  While big companies like Progressive and TruGreen have brought in hundreds of jobs to the Tampa Bay area, the prospect of independently-owned small businesses hiring on a lage scale again still seemed grim.

As a small business ourselves we definitely have and agree with these optimistic sentiments.  Small businesses play an integral role in keeping Tampa Bay area as special, unique, and prosperous as it is.  Let's hear it if you'd like to keep it that way.