Earlier this week, the Tampa Bay Business Journal released their much-anticipated, 2012 list of the best companies to work for in Tampa.

This annual list, typically compromised of around 50 companies in Tampa, is based off of 37-question anonymous employee surveys of numerous nominated companies in Tampa, then, based on responses, honed down to these 50 or so companies.  Quantum Workplace, an outside research firm, conducted the survey and used science-based tools to measure and manage employee engagement, loyalty and retention of each of these companies.

The comprehensive survey measures 10 key engagement categories focusing on items including team effectiveness, trust in senior leaders, feeling valued, manager effectiveness, compensation and benefits, then factors them in to rank the companies on a 0 to 100 scale.

This year, 55 Tampa companies, divided into four size categories (nearly big, big, bigger, and biggest) made the list of the Tampa Bay Business Journal's best places to work in Tampa.

This year's category winners are Ferreri Search in the nearly big category with a score of 99.14; eBridge Inc. in the big category with a score of 99.1; AgileThought Inc. in the bigger category with a score of 94.36; and Banker Lopez Gassler PA in the biggest category with a score of 90.4.

With the best score out of all the four companies, Ferreri Search qualified as the best overall place to work in Tampa according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Ferreri Search provides recruitment services for accounting & finance and information technology industry jobs in Tampa.

Today's (April 20) issue of the Tampa Bay Business journal features more information about the winners and evaluation process of choosing the best places to work in Tampa.  For more information, visit www.bizjournals.com/tampabay.