What are the top paying jobs in Tampa, Florida? The city is known for healthcare jobs, service industry jobs, positions in education, and financial services/insurance. Attorneys do very well in this city as well.

A medical assistant, who would perform clinical and administrative duties for licensed health practitioners, could make $35,000 annually in the city. Other healthcare jobs in Tampa that pay well include positions in healthcare technology sales, $84,000 annually, physical therapists, who earn $79,000, occupational therapists, who might make $77,000, and registered pharmacists, who average $115,000 each year. Some of the jobs would be in downtown Tampa.

There are a variety of teaching jobs in Tampa. The average salary for a teacher in the city is $36,630. An education coordinator, who might develop programs that would teach children and adults about a subject, as it relates to an organization, averages $42,000 annually. A better paying Tampa job in education would be one as a Cisco technology teacher. Such a teacher averages $54,000 each year. A nurse educator, who is a licensed who teaches RN’s and LPN’s, might make $56,000 to $70,000 per year.

As for Tampa jobs for someone working in the financial services field, the average salary is $54,000. More specifically, a staff accountant could average $38,000, an accountant, $44,000, a senior accountant, $51,000, a controller, $70,000, someone who has leads and sells mortgage protection and life insurance, $59,000.

An attorney in Tampa averages $70,877.

Tampa jobs for store managers earn $30,000 annually on average.

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