You want to go to the next Tampa Pub Crawl event in Ybor and need a mask!  A professional photographer will be shooting your glam shots, so you want to look amazing without spending too much money. We've got you covered with 18 creative DIY Mask Tutorials great for any Masquerade Event ,so grab your glue gun and check out this Round-Up of creative, sexy, fun and playful masquerade masks.  We've included inspiration and resources at the bottom but first things first...have you bought your tickets for Tampa's Masquerade Crawl yet? 

Ticket Prices:

- $15.00 January 13th through January 21st

- $20.00 the day of the event

With your ticket you’ll receive:

- Admission to all participating venues*

- 4 FREE Drinks (Coors Light *or* Call Vodka Cocktails)

- $2 Coors Light, $3 Call Vodka

Pinterest Round-Up of 18 Creative DIY Mask Tutorials Great for Every Masquerade Event 

Some of the masquerade event masks can be made in under an hour using supplies you may have on-hand, others are intricate and will take time, search them all, there is something for every level crafter.

Ice Queen from Klaire De Lys
Super easy this mask is made on a form with hot glue! It can be painted and manipulated in multiple ways.
 Black Lace Beauty from Alli_1
Alli spent under $12 for everything needed to make this super simple elegant mask.
 His and her Musical Masks by Erica
Circle City Creations shows you how to make this musical pair!

Anything you can dream of is possible with this papier mache' over foil mask tutorial from Family Holiday
 This  sweet site teaches you HOW to make the base mask and gives you ideas for ways to finish it. 
Milk Carton Mask Tutorial from Goblin Art
No longer in Portland you can find their masks at the Maskarade in N.O.
Steampunk His and Her masks from EpBot
 Probably the most difficult masks on the list these are made from reformed tooled leather 
The Green Man Mask from Buntwerkstatt
 This one involves using polymer clay, if you have never played with it before, you are going to have fun!

From Airah Morena a You Tube Tutorial for a Black Lace Applique Mask
The lace appliques are applied to your face with eyelash glue.

Forest Masquerade Mask, another creation by Klaire De Lys
Hot glue in a silicone mold, super easy, spray paint and nail polish, the link has an easy You Tube Video tutorial.

From Vanessa Goodpaster-Beaty a video tutorial
 Vanessa shows you how to start with plain white paper and end up with a beautiful card board mask!
From Beth at Sew mama Sew Felt Owl masks
 You need some skills and a sewing machine for these, we love different so we included them! 
Simulated Black lace on tulle from SprinkleSprings on Instructables
Super easy, using a template (see Resources below) trace with puffy paint in your favorite color on tulle. 
Created by Miranda Edney a craft paper embellished cardboard mask
Use Miranda as inspiration or to make this mask check out her supply list with the link above. 
From Chrix her Bioshock Bunny Splicer Mask
If you like the bunny but the leather mask above is too intimidating here is another option.

From Making It With Danielle Audrey Hepburn's Famous Black Lace Mask
Everyone is sexy black lace! This simple to make mask will surely please!
From On My Honor, Three sisters, One Little Blog the Crow Mask
 Super simple this amazing mask is made from paper! 
Angela from Pretty Little Inspirations Baby Blue Mask
Angela threw this Masquerade mask together in under an hour, the stones are in pre-set patterns!
From Mardi Gras Outlet Purple Rose
Made from  craft mask and crepe paper roses, super easy!

So, LOADS of ideas to make a Masquerade Mask for the Masquerade Pub Crawl that will last for years to come!  These DIY tutorials can be adapted in many ways, the possibilities are endless.  Here is additional inspiration and a few links to resources in our area and online:

Additional Inspiration for Masquerade nights:

Under the Mask Make-Up Tutorial

Resources for supplies to make your Masquerade Mask:

Your local Michael's Fine Arts and Crafts Store

Craft, Feathers, Floral CFF store

Party Oasis

and every teacher's BEST friend: Save On Crafts

*Venues you will be visiting in the fantastic Masquerade Mask you made yourself!

8:00  pm  - The Honey Pot
9:15  pm  - The Big Easy
10:30 pm - Amphitheathre 
11:45 pm - Club Prana

Be sure to check out our (In the Works) Pinterest Page  for more Pins and Inspiration!  And check back here next week for a LIST of places to BUY a ready made Masquerade Mask!

We can't wait to see your photos, create your profile on 813 to upload your selfies from the event and let us know what you thought about TPC's Masquerade Pub Crawl !