In mid-October 2015, a small coffee stand called The Attic Cafe opened for business in the lobby of 500 East Kennedy Boulevard.
The Attic Cafe & Bar was co-founded by Tampa attorney Rich McIntyre and entrepreneur Daniel Speed. In its humble beginning, the small coffee cart at first only offered regular drip brew coffee from Buddy Brew Coffee and select pastries from Alessi Bakery. Even though The Attic had a small menu, its charm was enormous. Every businessman and woman who walked through the front door of the building were welcomed with a warm smile from The Attic management.
“When I first started manning the cart downstairs, it was very uplifting and enjoyable,” said Speed.
Daniel Speed had never run a business before this coffee shop and he naturally faced nerves during his first few weeks there. However, it was not long until Speed found his niche and helped form a bond between The Attic and its valued costumers. 

Approximately a month into The Attic’s lifespan they obtained an espresso machine, which is when the real magic began! Iced caramel lattes used with Monin caramel sauce became an instant hit at The Attic, along with their signature café con leche, Mystic Chai lattes, and coffee with agave, an all-natural and delicious sweetener.

Photo from The Attic's Facebook page

The coffee cart piqued interest and established a loyal clientele leading up to The Attic’s grand opening on April 15, 2016. Once the establishment moved to the fourth floor of the building, the newly opened café started getting noticed more and more by the public. It is no secret that this place has something special to offer its visitors.
“The Attic offers an enjoyable atmosphere and a beautiful view,” said Speed. “That’s always been such a huge gem.”

Since it's opening, The Attic has grown and expanded in exciting ways. They now offer hot, fresh lunches provided by Esencia from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.  

Photo from The Attic's Facebook page

If you’re looking for a trendy venue to host an upcoming event, The Attic is available for booking. You can host birthday parties, anniversaries, bridal showers, office happy hours and so much more by contacting management at (813)226-1003

Photo of "Pitch Night," a monthly entrepreneur event to share ideas and support local businesses.

Every Friday night, local artists and musicians take the stage at The Attic and perform two-hour sets for the after-work crowd. The musical genres range from folk to rock, depending on the artist. In addition to meeting fun local musicians, The Attic is a melting pot of creative businesspeople, interesting professionals and innovative thinkers. The café attracts people from all walks of life, such as fresh-faced college students and experienced attorneys.
“You never know who you’re going to meet at The Attic,” Speed said. 
Whether you’re grabbing a quick latte in the morning, having a meeting over the freshly made lunches or enjoying a craft beer after work, The Attic is sure to introduce you to captivating people and inspire novelty conversations. 

Photo by Lauren Broadwell
Swing by The Attic Cafe this month and try one of their specialty holiday drinks, like their Frosted Mint Latte. You can also try any of their locally brewed craft beers from popular breweries like Cigar City, JDub’s and Motorworks. If beer isn’t your drink of choice, “Wine on Tap” is also available! The wine selection includes a tasteful Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. 

You can follow the Attic on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with their local events and specials. 

Going to visit The Attic Cafe & Bar is time well spent. With its comfortable atmosphere and welcoming customer service, you will be glad you supported this local Tampa Bay gem.