When it comes to alcohol and Ireland, you can’t separate the two. After all, the country is home to several cherished beers. And on St Patrick's Day, it’s mandatory to sip on these traditional drinks, be it stout Guinness or Red ales.

Well, the first thing most people think of when they hear about drinks on St. Paddy’s Day is Guinness. However, there are other fantastic Irish beverages too in the treasure box. 

Now, if you are looking for the best Irish beers for St Patrick's Day in Tampa, you're lucky because our guide covers precisely that! So read on!

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5 Best Irish Beers to Try for St Patrick's Day in Tampa

Guinness Extra Stout

Guinness Extra Stout needs to be on top of the list for obvious reasons. This authentic drink is the most famous of all Irish stouts and is available in different flavors. If you love a chocolate-flavored drink with coffee and tobacco notes, this beer is for you.

To all Guinness Extra Stout lovers, O'Tooles Irish Pub will be open on St Patrick's Day, so head on there and satisfy your taste buds!


If you want to celebrate Irish Brewing history, grabbing yourself the Smithwicks is a great way to do it.  This Irish beer is one of the oldest and most consumed beers.

It's red and has a much brighter palette than Guinness. If you like a light malt sweetness in your beer, visit James Joyce Irish Pub to get yourself this divine beverage.

Harp Lager     

It's definitely not a St Patrick's Day celebration if Harp Lager is not on your list. This Irish beer is a second option for those who don't love Guinness.

This classic pilsner has a hoppy bitterness and a malty finish at the front. Even though it’s not that bitter, it is perfect to mark St Paddy! Enjoy the live music and Irish cheer in The Patio Tampa and other bars participating in bar hopping in Tampa, such as Maloney's Local Irish Pub Downtown Tampa and Rose Bar Tampa, as you sip this authentic drink.

Murphy's Irish Stout

Brewed in 1856, this less-famous Irish beer is ideal for newbies. Its massive flavor in chocolate, coffee, and cream makes the drink less bitter and smoother. It is a great beer to celebrate St. Patrick's night.

You can find it at The Pub on St Patrick’s Day alongside other loved Irish fares and drink specials!

O'hara's Irish Craft Lager

If getting an excessively bitter beer during St. Patrick's Day quenches your thirst, O'hara's Irish Craft Lager is your drink. It delivers some bitterness and notes of citrus, giving you a long dry finish.

Grove Soho will be hosting a bar crawling event, and you can expect to find your favorite Irish drinks, including this lager. Try Ducky’s Sports Lounge and Double Decker too!

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