Are you looking for a "fresh, modern and ultra sexy show that spotlights an absolutely stunning cast of the most talented and accomplished, professionally trained dancers, from all over the United States?" Then look no further then the Dreamgirls Burlesque Revue show premiering in Tampa!

Not to worry, this isn't just any typical burlesque show. Dreamgirls Burlesque Revue is an incredibly high-caliber authentic Las Vegas revue show serving up talent that you won't see anywhere else. Top comedian, Frank Del Pizzo will be hosting the event so you're also in for a ton of laughs. Dreamgirls Burlesque Revue is run by Pure Talent Celebrities. This multi-award agency is celebrating its 25th year in business. Not only are the dancers beautiful and talented but the stage props are also wildly unique to this performance. The cast will start incorporating a few of the same props used in the Las Vegas show and more of those unique props will be in Pure Talent’s next show in December so you definitely don't want to miss the opportunity to see these shows in all of its glitz and glamour right here in Tampa! The show will also consist of difficult and intricate production numbers that you won't see anywhere else. Creator of Pure Talent Celebrities, Ann Marie Hayek says, “this definitely is not the norm on how people see a show here in Tampa. The night is designed to be an entertainment experience that lasts for several hours with patrons indulging in the dancing and socializing aspects.”

Whether you're planning to visit with a group of friends or an intimate date-night, this show is just as much fun to watch for women as it is for men, Hayek says, “today's modern women want to see this show. It is a high-end production with superb choreography and costuming. We toured this same show to casinos nationwide!” Viewers are also in for an extra treat because you'll get to see performances by the award-winning burlesque star, Mayven Missbehaven!

Dreamgirls Burlesque Revue will be hosted at the Avalon Event Center. The Avalon Event Center has the largest dance floor in all of Tampa, making it the perfect place to see this jaw-dropping show in all its grandeur. Catch this show for one night only on Friday November 15th from 9PM-12AM! Tickets for the show are still available and range in price from $28 to $56 per person. Tickets can be purchased on their site, Eventbrite and on their Facebook page.

The second show set for Saturday, December 14th is the SIZZLE Las Vegas show and this will be an ongoing monthly fun night out. Each month there will be new-spotlighted Las Vegas style entertainment in this show to stay fresh and exciting. Sizzle Las Vegas will incorporate a few staple production numbers that you'll see in Dreamgirls Burlesque Revue but will definitely be a different show with even more of the elaborate stage props from the producer’s nightly Las Vegas show. Of course this will all be accompanied by new, major production numbers and additional Vegas style entertainment. So come experience something new and fun to do in Tampa and check out both of the glamorous shows to see what it all about..

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Photo courtesy of Pure Talent Celebrities