Say it with me: It’s okay to take your work to dinner. And again: it’s okay to take your work to dinner. Don’t believe me? Then go to Pelagia Trattoria At Renaissance Tampa and see for yourself. They’ll prove me right. In fact, the whole experience is perfect for those people who still have work to get done but have accepted the fact that they need to get out of the office and socialize, all while eating a delicious meal. 

The atmosphere is extremely relaxed. The idea of the dinner rush is gone. While other restaurants want to get you in and out in a timely manner, Pelagia Trattoria At Renaissance Tampa  wants you to take your time. Have your meeting, write that query as you slowly gorge on a delicious meal. It's quiet, you can talk freely, strategize and plan, relaxing over a great working dinner. The insistence on this laid-back approach is manifested through all of the extremely attentive waiters and waitresses who will continue to serve you long after that dessert plate has been licked clean. 

Pelagia Trattoria At Renaissance Tampa is known for its savory, contemporary Italian food which spans the spectrum from pizza and pasta to steak and seafood with soups and salads, all made with the freshest and most flavorful ingredients. Thi Tampa restaurant has won several awards since its opening in 2004, the most recent being the Open Table Diner’s Choice 2016 award with top recognition in the Tampa Bay Times’ Top 50 Restaurants in Tampa Bay from food critic Laura Reiley. 

Whether you come to experience their award-winning food, to blur the lines of work and pleasure, or just looking for a night out, be sure to head out to their outdoor patio and cap it all off as you wind up your working dinner at Pelagia with some of their house-made grappa on big comfy couches lounging under the stars.  

Pelagia Trattoria At Renaissance Tampa is our favorite place for a working dinner in Tampa! They are conveniently located at International Plaza and Bay Street and the parking is free!

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