Friday, October 28th The Brass Tap | Centro Ybor , the Ybor Drinkery with a heart of Gold is once again flexing their giving spirits as they plan the Ghosts Of Ybor Pub Crawl to benefit the Alzheimer's Association.  I enjoy writing about local businesses who give back to the community. I am proud to say we have an abundance of givers, some big, some small, some consistent.  Brass Tap Centro Ybor falls into the consistent category!  Every month I stumble across another fun event in the works from Brass Tap, as their way of giving back to the community they serve.

This month it is a haunted pub crawl through Ybor City! Starting at The Brass Tap | Centro Ybor, you and your friends can travel through our storied city learning frightening details as Ybor's haunted history is revealed, and need I remind you, it will be in the DARK!  

Along the way, you will enjoy drink specials on domestic and craft beers and cocktails at several stops on the crawl where you can discuss fiendish facts and unexplainably freaky, unusual encounters. This uniquely eerie Pub Crawl starts at The Brass Tap (1600 East 7th Avenue) at 6 PM and ends at 11:30 PM with an after party including a costume contest, music and more at Brass Tap. Grab your tickets now to secure your spots in this professionally guided tour, receive a signature souvenir T-shirt (we are going to guess it says you survived!) and plan to beta test your Guavaween  garb the Friday night before!

The tours are limited in number so do not hesitate to stand up proudly and say, "I ain't afraid of no GHOSTS!"  If the Pub Crawl fills to capacity on the 28th the good people at Brass Tap announced they might be able to open another night the weekend before!  So let them know you want to go, you are brave, right, stories can't make you tremble, or can they?  You want to know more about the bad-boy schizophrenic son of a well-loved Ybor physician who experimented on the dead, people encounter his so-called nurse and HIM still. Find out where this crazy-smart yet evil soul lurks, he dies in 1985....I am betting you've been to the place he haunts!  Learn about the INSANE things he did as a boy, young man and businessperson in Tampa and beyond. Talk about certifiably brilliant!

Sponsors of the Pub Crawl along with Brass Tap include St Pete Distillery & Barley Mow Brewing.  A hearty thanks to them for making this scary dream a reality!  Who doesn't love a haunted Pub Crawl!  Are you in? Grab your mom if you need to, your hubby and best friends, and make plans to do something different this year, at the Brass Tap Ghosts of Ybor Pub Crawl! 

Don't search for tickets online! Here's the link: