Fishing is one recreational activity that abounds in the Tampa Bay area.  From boats to piers, shorelines, and even backyards, you can find fishing in Tampa up, down, and way out from the coastlines of this vibrant city.  It's one activity that definitely defines the area as we're surrounded by water from the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. If you're looking to fish in Tampa, you've definitely got some options.  Maybe you don't have a boat and just want to enjoy the simple leisure of fishing from land.  If so, Tampa's got a few great spots.

Ballast Point Park in South Tampa has a wooden fishing pier that extends 960 feet right into Tampa Bay and is ideal for a relaxed fishing experience right off the shore.  It's open 24 hours so you can head there at night to try your luck at catching big, nighttime-active fish like snook.

If you're looking for freshwater fishing, Al Lopez Park in North Tampa boasts a freshwater pond perfect for an afternoon of casual fishing.  This man-made pond is stocked with bluefish, bass, and catfish ready to be caught.

Beer Can Island is another great bet for land-based fishing in Tampa, but you need a boat to get out there.  Once you find yourself there you can sink your feet in the shallow water and do some fishing right off the coast while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Tampa Bay.

If you're looking to go big while fishing in Tampa, take a trip on any one of the great Tampa Bay fishing charters.  These do cost money, but will definitely give you a fishing trip to remember as you go miles off the coast and try your hand at catching big fish like grouper, red snapper, and more.

As you can see, you've got options when it comes to fishing in Tampa.  Whatever you choose, keep safety in mind and, most importantly, have fun.  Good luck!