By: Sally Baker

Breaking up can be one of the worst experiences to go through, although sometimes it can be a happy celebration! Whether you are trying to get over a heartbreak or just excited to have your newfound freedom, there are still many places in Tampa that can make singles feel quite inadequate. On the other side of the coin, there are plenty of things to do in Tampa for singles, and spots that are the perfect place to meet your future ex. Let’s start with meeting that future ex of yours.

Places like Hyde Park Cafe and the Orpheum are high-energy, single-filled clubs that rarely couples attend. MacDinton's on Thursdays has dollar beers, drawing in the college scene like nothing you’ve seen before; while HPC has their ‘All You Can Drink’ nights for $10 on Fridays for those who prefer a crowd a bit older than the college life. These bars, along with many others in places like Ybor City, are the go-to spots for fun with your friends in a carefree setting that would get anyone’s mind off a heartbreak!

Ok, so maybe you’re not ready to meet someone else, or the club scene just isn’t your idea of fun these days. In this area of being single in Tampa, we look to the places that cater to either men or women only, for the most part. For those single guys in Tampa, think about hitting up one of the cigar bars in Ybor or Lit in Channelside, also equipped with a cigar lounge. Grab a couple - no pun intended - of your ‘bros’ and head to where the guys go to get women off their minds like the paintball field or bowling alleys like Pin Chasers!

For the lovely single ladies in Tampa, there are places to get guys off your mind as well. Try a day at the spa like Divine Designs in Brandon or the popular SB Health & Beauty Spa in South Tampa. A day with the girls, relaxing with a massage or facial is a day that will be sure to wash all your guy worries away. Another popular option is going to one of the many sushi restaurants in Tampa with the girls. If you didn’t know already, most of us Tampa ladies love having a good old-fashioned girls’ night that usually starts with a fun sushi dinner.

Joining a running club in Tampa is another fun, and healthy, way to not only feel better but meet other people as well.  Four Green Fields has a running club on Tuesday nights and WoB has theirs on Thursdays!  Healthy options like this can also help you get back into shape if your eating habits were less than great in your last relationship!

Another phenomenal things to do for singles in Tampa are to head to one of the sports games in town! Like baseball? Check out the Tampa Yankees or Tampa Bay Rays with friends or family. More of a football fan? We have the famous Tampa Bay Buccaneers, USF Bulls, and in the off-season, arena football with the Tampa Bay Bandits.

I hope that after reading this, your chins are raised a little higher, running mascara has been wiped away and a hint of a smile has crept its way upon your face, because this beautiful city truly does have it all for everyone, and being single in Tampa can be one heck of a good time! Browse through our city guide to find all the fun things to do for singles in Tampa, couples, families, and even your dogs!