Over the past few years, new restaurants have increased exponentially in the Downtown Tampa area.  Many of them, riding the upscale, modern cuisine train, are on the pricier side though.  That doesn't mean there isn't a great and diverse selection of affordable eateries in the city though.  Here's five of 'em for you to consider.

Eddie and Sam's New York Pizza - Many probably wouldn't consider pizza a delicacy necessarily, but at Eddie and Sam's, they definitely do.  You see, real New York pizza is often said to be so good because of the mineral present in New York City tap water.  Eddie and Sam's imports water just like this from New York every day to give their pizzas an absolutely real New York Taste that other Tampa pizzerias just can't match.

First Watch Tampa - Sometimes you just need a big, hearty breakfast to kick the day off right...or just soak up all the booze from the long night before.  Either way, First Watch will provide.  Order coffee at First Watch and you won't get some measly mug, you'll get the whole pot.  After that enjoy fresh menu items like omelets, humongous pancakes, sandwiches, and more.

Cafe Hey - Cafe Hey is a quaint coffee shop in Dowtown Tampa perfect for  getting some work done outside the office or stopping in for a quick lunch. Sip on a Cafe con Leche or enjoy their wide selection of sandwiches including the Ric Ross - jalapeno jack cheese, black forest ham, special sweet pepper jelly, lettuce, tomato -and the Turkey in the Grass with cream cheese, smoked turkey, watercress, balsamic sauce, and cucumber.

Paninoteca - Get a dose of delicious, affordable Mediterranean cuisine at Paninoteca in Downtown Tampa.  Enjoy huge, delicious pitas like the herb-roasted lamb with tzatziki sauce tomato and onion wrapped in a pita or the Mediterranean Chicken with chicken, roasted vegetables and garlic aioli wrapped in a pita.  Salads, hot panini sandwiches, and small plates like hummus and pita are also available.

Fresh - If you had to categorize fresh into one genre of restaurant, well, it'd be kind of hard.  Labeled as a cereal bar/salad emporium/panini press/frozen wonderland, Fresh can be almost whatever you want it to be.  Swing by before work and grab a bowl of blended cereal like the Cherry with life cereal, dried cherries, and chocolate chips or grab a huge panini or fresh salad on your lunch break.