With school in session and work piling up, instead of being basic in the library, check out these coffee houses in Tampa to get some work done with your study group!

Oxford Exchange

Located on West Kennedy Blvd. across the street from the  University of Tampa is the trendy and relaxing Oxford Exchange. Whether your group would like to catch a quick brunch while discussing assignments or hang out in the coffee shop finishing homework; Oxford is the perfect place to meet with your study buddies and finish up some work!

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Buddy Brew

There are multiple Buddy Brew locations, but their location on West Kennedy Blvd. is the ultimate study spot! Aside from quick bites and tasty coffee, there are also tables and couches throughout the shop that are great for study group meet-ups. 

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Kava Kulture 

New to the Downtown Tampa area, Kava Kulture has a relaxing ambiance perfect for ideal study sessions. They have different types of teas that can provide you with energy or relaxation, depending on your mood as well as some quick bites to snack on while trying to get to work! The place also has comfy swinging chairs that can make studying fun! 

Blind Tiger Café

This café is known for its atmosphere. It's the perfect combination of the vibes of a speakeasy and a coffee house. This is a place for true coffee lovers who are looking for quality in their cup as well as a quiet study session with your group while enjoying delicious, rich coffee.

Starbucks UT 

Starbucks is always a go-to study spot for most people, but the location on the University of Tampa campus takes it to a whole other level. With two floors of potential study spots, there are so many different places to meet up with your group and get to work. There are also private study rooms that work well for group study sessions.

DI Coffee Bar

Located on Davis Island, DI Coffee bar is a nice and relaxing place for a study group meet up. There's opportunity for both indoor and outdoor seating as well tasty brunch and lunch quick bites or meals to snack on. Once you walk in the door, it will be easy to find the motivation to get to work! And if you need an extra push, they also have amazing espresso.

The Lab Coffee 

Known for its “conceptual coffee,” The Lab brings on a new take on drinking coffee. The baristas want to hear exactly what you want in order to bring a new delicious daily brew into your life!

Aside from their interesting take on coffee drinking, The Lab is a perfect place to meet up with a group and study. They have plenty of space for study sessions and the quiet and relaxing ambiance will definitely inspire you to get to studying.

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There are so many coffee houses in Tampa to explore, so get out of the library and enjoy some of these fun spots for your next study session! 

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