By: Sally Baker

Americans tend to eat out for what makes up an astonishing 40% of their meal times. Long gone are the days when eating at home every night is a tradition, rather a treat. Facing these statistics is one thing, but what about the cost? Saying it is expensive to eat out, is an understatement and those food bills add up fast! So, the solution? Eat cheap of course! But don’t sacrifice quality and taste when looking for cheap restaurants in Tampa, because this city has some very inexpensive and abundantly tasty food for the hungry individual on a budget!

Taco Bus – The famous bus on the corner of Hillsborough and Nebraska, this ‘bus’ serves up some of the best Mexican cuisine in town and for a low price! This cheap restaurant in Tampa serves up breakfasts for under $5, their famous entrees falling between $3 and $8, and desserts for under $4. Guy Fieri from the Food Network made sure to stop at the famous Tampa bus and had nothing but good things to say about them!

Palm Ave Sandwich Shop – Located next to a transmission shop, most people would simply pass by this cheap restaurant in Tampa without ever knowing they serve up some of the best Cuban sandwiches in Tampa and for a whopping price of $4!

La Teresita Restaurant – This authentic Spanish and Cuban Restaurant in Tampa has entrees between $6 and $7. What’s more is this one of a kind establishment makes sure to fill you up and leave you satisfied with 2 side dishes that accompany your entrée as well as hot Cuban bread.

Brocato’s Sandwich Shop – This outdoor café may not look like much from the outside, but prepare yourself for the best deviled crab cake in Tampa as well as succulent Cuban sandwiches! Most of their menu items are priced between $5 and $10.

Cappy’s Pizzeria – Don’t bother with those $5 pizza places that give you exactly what you pay for, a bland pizza pie. Let Cappy’s tantalize your taste buds with New York Style and Chicago Style Deep Dish pizzas! The growing popularity of these pies has given Cappy’s the ability to open up a 4th location in Brandon, Florida. You can order a pie as inexpensive as $8.50 or load up the big size and max out at $19.50. But if you’re ordering a large pizza pie from Cappy’s, you’re most likely sharing it with plenty of friends to divide the cost.

All of these cheap restaurants in Tampa bring the same thing to the table: delicious, quality and value. But don’t let me try to convince you, go check these places out for yourself and see what makes these hotspots a must-stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner.