Tucked away among familiar bars and nightclubs in Ybor City is an old-fashioned Apothecary worth a visit or two or three, or four and more!  In Ybor more than 4 years now the trio of Tampa-native owner-operators has seen many changes in Ybor. Change within their own family brought about this unique store, more about that in a minute. Female owned and operated, this family business may drag a man in occasionally to help, their focus however is on employing women; the youngest being 17 and the most experienced 80!  Said owner Phala Pesano, "We support the community and families of Tampa, through charitable giving and employment."  It's true, Seventh Avenue Apothecary's name is associated with the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Moffit Cancer Center, Hillsborough County Schools, Local Homeless Charities, Church Fundraisers, MOSI - Museum of Science & Industry, and U.S. Military fundraising organizations like S.T.A.N.O. (Supporting Troops Area-wide Nationally and Overseas).  These girls are giving back and in a big way! Let's shine a spotlight on this women-owned small business in Ybor.
Seventh Avenue Apothecary produces the highest quality artisan candles for amazingly low prices.  Tired of sticker shock when you find a candle you love?  Pleasantly surprised, we found everything at Seventh Avene Apothecary reasonably priced.  Better yet, when we burned their candles the scent filled our space. What's the point of buying a nicely scented candle if it does not throw the scent around the room? 
Seventh Avenue only uses high-quality ingredients sourced from the U.S.and offers unique scents, ones we are sure will be new and interesting to you. A favorite is the Ginger Beer & Dark Rum candle, we also love SeaSalt and Sandalwood! Clean burning and all-natural their soy candles burn 40% longer than wax candles. This is NOT your grocery store candle, these are something special, a treat for you or purchased as a gift, they are better than the rest!

Located in a dry-cleaning business once owned by Phala's's dad, following the passing of her parent's, Phala, her daughter and niece decided to open a business where the grandchildren could work together. Phala explained, "We expanded this building to approximately 7000 square feet. The added space allows us to produce approximately 2,000 candles per day." Change in her family led to change in the community as the girls transformed a long-time dry-cleaning business into the soothing shop you encounter today.

Ginger Beer & Dark Rum candle

Word of mouth drives traffic to this hard-working group of gals and once you are in you do not want to leave! The smell when you enter the shop is pure heaven! Buy one of their slow-burning, fragrant candles and you will want more! (Follow their Facebook page to find special offers.)
Looking for something fun and unusual to do?  Seventh Avenue Apothecary hosts candle making parties!   For $35-$45 per person, you can bring in your own, appetizers, wine, and refreshments, and go home with a signature candle. While a party guest, you buy at a discount! Great for friends, couples, and team building these parties serve many; Bachelorettes book parties as wedding party "gifts", while clubs, organizations, businesses and networking groups book events. It's a fun, out-of-the-box idea where everyone goes home happy!

Check out this report from Jessica Sanchez to learn more:

Phala, her daughter, and niece are equal owners in this entrepreneurial endeavor.  Consider supporting their efforts by stopping in to see what they offer. You will be impressed, they are worth the price! 

Besides Seventh Avenue Apothecary in Ybor City, you will also find their premium candles at the Why Not Boutique on Bay-to-Bay Blvd. in South Tampa, Oxford Exchange near Downtown Tampa, Locale Market in Downtown St. Pete, on Amazon.com, at Home Goods and in 200 locations across the U.S. Burn the best, burn Seventh Avenue Apothecary!