Love a good cigar? Love a great cigar? Visiting or live in Tampa? Well, you’re in luck! There are many reasons to love life in Florida, including numerous choices for authentic Cigar Shops in Tampa. Many think that historic Ybor City, once the cigar capital of the world, is the only place to get great cigars in Tampa, and albeit they have some of the best and closest to authentic that you can get, but there are others outside of Ybor that are just as great. In this article, we cover Tampa Cigar Shops in Ybor and it's surrounding communities.

Tabanero Cigars

Experience the difference at Tabanero Cigars and meet award winning owner Yanko. This cigar shop in Tampa’s Ybor City makes memories for both locals and visitors who purchase here. The staff tends tediously to each customer’s needs to ensure that every savory puff will be filled with flavor and memories of this historic town in Tampa. 

1601 E 7th Ave, Tampa FL Phone (813) 402-6316

Browse the complete list of cigar shops in Tampa in the tourist section and let us know what you think by rating and reviewing all your favorites! Let us know who you would add to this list of The Best Cigar Shops in Tampa | Ybor City, Channelside & More and why you love them, we will gladly stop by, cigar lighter in hand! 

King Corona Cigars & Cafe

King Corona Cigars & Cafe, "The Oasis of Historic Ybor City” offers a sampling of what made Ybor City a special place and continues the tradition of making some of the world’s finest handmade cigars. Rightfully named, King Corona Cigars in Ybor City boasts one of the largest selections of quality cigars in Tampa. King Corona is a multi-experience shop where you can enjoy fine cigars, fine wine, imported beer, delicious food made fresh to order and more.  King Corona opened Valentine's Day 1998, be sure to stop in and meet owner Don Barco.  Don enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge about cigars and the cigar industry.  And don't forget the Cuban coffee, it's perfection!  


1523 E. 7th Ave., Tampa FL Phone 813-241-9109

Vincent & Tampa Cigar Co.

A sweet cigar shop lies north of Ybor City in West Tampa at 3103 N Howard Ave. Knowing the story of legendary cigar maker Vincent Ruilova we looked forward to meeting current owner Eric Fulgueria. First a little history: Vincent & Tampa Cigars began life with Mr.Vincent Ruilova in a shop on 14th Avenue in Ybor City. One thing Vincent insisted on from day one was that each cigar is rolled by hand. Vincent liked doing things the 'old-fashioned' way, so for him, your handshake was your bond.  We think Vincent would be proud to know nothing's changed! Though the business moved to its current location when I-4 forced a move, inside the West Tampa shop you find the same cultural melting pot. Replete with interesting people from pro athletes, musicians, artists, prominent businessmen, and women, you discover each is there for the same things, a good time, the company of good people, great cigars, and great wines!  When asked what the company's mission is today Eric replied, "To continue offering the same quality cigars we have since 1943, and to endure the storm of new FDA regulations. We continue doing business the right way, the honest way, taking no short cuts. We only offer quality products. This business is hard enough as it is, there's no reason to take shortcuts and cheat the system, it is important to take pride in what you provide." Cigars are in Eric's blood, they are his heritage, many members of his family rolled cigars, his grandfather was a cigar mold maker. Eric worked at Vincent & Tampa for twelve years, buying the shop from Vincent's nephew, he's owned this must see cigar shop for five years. Stop in for a Cuban coffee, a glass of fine domestic or imported wine, a game of dominoes, an Arturo Fuente, Ruy Lopez, La Unica Cuesta Rey and more,  this shop has a great vibe!they are his heritage, many members of his family rolled cigars and his grandfather created the molds used to make cigars. Eric worked at Vincent & Tampa for twelve years, buying the shop from Vincent's nephew, he's been the proud owner of this legendary cigar shop for 5 years. Stop in for a Cuban coffee, a glass of fine domestic or imported wine, a game of dominoes, an Arturo Fuente, Ruy Lopez, La Unica Cuesta Rey and more,  this shop has a great vibe!

3103 N Howard Ave, Tampa FL Phone (813) 250-0244

Tampa Sweethearts Cigar Company

Just south of Ybor City, this Tampa cigar shop is as sweet as its name! These sweethearts sell Fuente handmade cigars rolled by the masters and their family’s Dominican handmade cigars both locally and through mail order  Located at 1603 E 6th Ave, in Historic Ybor City, Tampa Sweethearts Cigar Company is always up to something good! From Private Cigar Socials to Free Trips, to hard to find cigars and more the Sweethearts keep you up-to-date on their Facebook Page. As Tampa mourns the recent loss of 81-year-old Carlos Arturo Fuente Sr., the patriarch, and sweetheart of the largest family-owned cigar company in the world, we invite you to try one of the Fuente family's coveted cigars.

1603 E 6th Ave, Tampa FL Phone 813-247-3880

El Sol Hand Made Cigars

Handmade Cigars since 1929, El Sol Cigars is a local favorite with a rich and authentic history. Originally in Ybor, El Sol is now located in the Forrest Hills area of North Tampa. From their cigars and building to the authentic cigar makers chair, El Sol has made it clear why they have been around for close to a century. The first El Sol cigar was made by Guy Saitta in 1929 in the original Ybor store, the tradition was carried on for a time by their son Tony; today the family business is the passion of their grandson Bob and family friend, Jim Marsh. With small cigar factories in Tampa, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic the philosophy initiated by Guy when he rolled that first cigar is very much alive at El Sol Cigars.

10549 North Florida Avenue, Suite L , Tampa FL Phone 813-248-5905