Both Tampa Bay Fashion Week and New York's Fashion Week are in the books! Fashion designers from all over the world showcased their creative talents on the runways. The designers also give us a preview of what the next season is going to look like in terms of clothing, colors and styles. Our style guru, Tamy Lugo paid a visit to New York Fashion Week and returned to Tampa to share a few of the upcoming fashion trends for Spring and Summer 2020. 


The return of denim, was one of the most notable trends at NYFW since everyone has at least 2 or more pairs in their closet. Denim gets a makeover with tears, ruffles, patchwork and all other sorts of new treatments. The wide leg, scuffed pair of jeans, seen at Givenchy shows worn with silk blouses will hit fast fashion retailers soon. We'll be here for the denim trend.  


Jolts of color, is most likely to become a Florida favorite next Spring. Vibrant and neon hues will remain another season, much like the neon dresses seen at Valentino and the CAAFD Emerging designer showcase by Maria Sonia. Next spring, will not be a time to shy away from standing out. Fashions will come in overall brilliant colors, meaning shoulder to hem.  

Billowing Skirts & Ruffled Sleeves 

Renaissance touches ladies garments. The AHummingway collection featured billowing skirts and large puffed or ruffled sleeves on blouses as well as dresses, for ladies who love to incorporate romance and stated elegance in their style.  But that was not all, the collection also included asymmetric ruffles. Whether on one shoulder, cascading on one hip, or a flyaway ruffle detail, basically ruffles in various places will be a big fashion statement in 2020. 


Stripes are a going to be a thing again. As they say, fashion trends do circle back around; such is stripes. You may notice stripes in a colorful array on sporty knitted dresses or graphic black and white pleated pants, jumpsuits and much more. Thanks to famous Phillip Lim and Altuzarra collections for bringing them back. You'll want to make striped pieces a key part of your wardrobe.  

Soft Edges 

The soft edge is one trend we don't want to overlook. At the VNF Production shows in NY Jessica Chang Studio delivered femme fashion with edge but used soft fabrics such as satin and linen for a flowy, sexy vibe on skirts and pants. Floridians will appreciate the soft yet edgy style when temperatures rise. We'll also be packing a few of these alluring garbs, to wear on our resort getaways next year!  

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Cover photo courtesy of CAAFD/IMAXTREE/Frontrow Press, other photos from Tamy Lugo, Access By NKC LLC, VNF Productions and Edward Alvarado., photographer