By: Sally Baker

Tampa has quite a few beautiful spots that let you take in all the scenic glory.  There are several spots that few know about, or even care to search for, but once you know of them, you will see Tampa in a whole new light.  The best views of Tampa range from parks to buildings, and each has their own unique quality that gives you a breathtaking and relaxing view.

Ballast Point Park - This park is located in South Tampa on the east side of the peninsula.  The relaxing view is that of the waters, Davis Islands and the Tampa Skyline of Downtown Tampa.  This is a perfect location to take pictures of the city and to relax with someone special or just on your own for some 'me-time.'

Cypress Point Park Beach - If you enjoy the sights of planes landing and taking off, you will want to head to Cypress Point Park Beach.  This spot on the west side of the peninsula not only gives you a little beach to relax on, but has views of the water, St. Petersburg, and of course a bird's eye view of the incoming and outgoing planes.

Davis Island Yacht Club - One of the best views of Tampa lies on the southern most tip of Davis Islands.  The Davis Island Yacht Club is a great place to ride your bike to and mingle with Tampa's finest, if you're a member of course. The view lets you see as far as the eye can see over the water to the southern tip of Tampa.

Restaurants on Harbour Island - On the north end of Harbour Island are several restaurants like Cafe Dufrain, That's Amore and Jackson's Bistro.  These restaurants give guests a waterfront, up close view of the Downtown Tampa skyline with their outdoor seating.

Bayshore Blvd - The best views of Tampa while taking a walk, run or bicycle ride are on Bayshore Blvd.  This street runs along the Tampa coast from Downtown Tampa to South Tampa overlooking the bay waters, islands and the impressive houses that line this street.

The Element/SkyPoint - If you happen to be lucky enough to reside, or have a friend that resides, in the upper floors of The Element or SkyPoint, you will be treated with a spectacular view of Downtown Tampa, Curtis Hixon Park, University of Tampa and as far as your eyes will let you see out to the waters.  One of the most breathtaking and stunning views of the city, making these buildings one of the best places for the best views of Tampa.