Caspersen Beach in Venice is hidden gem among Florida's beaches! Not known by many other than locals, this beach is far less crowded than the rest of the beaches in Venice. If you were driving to the very popular Sharky's Seagrill, all you need to do is keep going along that small road. At the end, you would reach Caspersen Beach, a haven where you can relax and fully appreciate the area's oceanside beauty without interference.

As you drive toward Caspersen Beach, you'll feel as though you were outside of Florida, somewhere removed and beautiful. You'll pass lush trees as go winding down a small, one-lane road taking you to your blissful location. On the right side, you'll see the glistening ocean and, if you roll down your windows, you can feel the warm breeze and hear the crashing waves. The drive is simple and tranquil, but it's also part of the fun when spending the day at this beach.

When you arrive at Caspersen Beach, you'll be greeted by a gorgeous walkway leading to a small nook overlooking the waves and rocks below. It's the perfect spot to enjoy time alone, read, or have a deep conversation while hearing the relaxing sound of waves hitting the shore, making it my favorite part about this beach.

Caspersen Beach also has an updated bathroom and entrance to the beach that's large and practical. The beach wraps around circle, giving you a number of places to set camp for the day. There are plenty of things to do at this beach from relaxing and tanning to swimming and finding seashells. You can even walk along the large rocks! Whatever you decide to do, a day at Caspersen Beach is one well spent.

There are so many beaches here in Florida, but Caspersen Beach is bound to become one of your favorites. So plan a trip and head out to Venice to experience this wonderful beach! Make sure to stay to watch the sunset: it's absolutely breathtaking and a perfect way to end your day at the beach. 

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash