You can follow Lithia Hungry Howie's Pizza and Subs employee Jacob Weinstein for the next several weeks as he journeys through Paris and Venice on his very own 'European Vacation'. Can you imagine if the Griswold's had been posting to Facebook, well Jacob is, along with other shots of his summer in Paris? 

Traveling Europe with his Hungry Howies hat, Jacob is snapping pics of his adventure and uploading them to his Facebook Page where we can follow along. 

Jacob works seasonally at the Lithia Hungry Howies on Fish Hawk Blvd. while in college at the University of South Florida. where he is studying the arts. Like many students, Jacob is spending a summer studying abroad.  Jake decided to take a little piece of Lithia and Hungry Howies with him everywhere he goes, that Howie's hat!

At the Musee de Arts Forains

To fund this trip, Jacob started a Go Fund Me Campaign, calling it "Jake's Education in Paris". Jacob quickly met his goal of $800 thanks in part to the generosity of Hungry Howies who donated $490 on 6/8 to complete his campaign. Why $800, it is the number his school advisor gave him as the 'minimum' he would need to get by.

If you'd like to surprise Jake with a donation of your own we feel sure Jake would appreciate the support!  I mean, who wants to continually dine on Ramen Noodles while visiting Paris! Please consider donating to Jacob's adventure and sharing his Go Fund Me page.  And remember to follow his Facebook Page to answer the question, "Where is Jacob?".  (All photos by Jacob from his Facebook page.)