For the past couple months we have been working on a new experience for the Photo Gallery on We are pleased to announce the new gallery is now available to all website visitors. The new gallery is more mobile friendly, allowing users to swipe through the photos on their phones or tablets. Photos now have a download button to make it easier to download your photos to post on any of your favorite social media applications or to set as the background on your computer or phone. Sharing is now available for Facebook & Twitter with a simple click and post. Gone are the days of pagination where you click through page by page. The gallery features a constant scroll so that as you continue to scroll down, more photos are loaded to the page. You also will notice bigger thumbnails giving an enhanced view and makes it easier for people to find photos of themselves. Check out the new photo gallery at There are also new features that improve the experience for photographers. Photos can now easily be uploaded directly to the site making it quicker for the photos to be available for viewing and sharing. The photos are automatically watermarked and credit of the photographers are now displayed in the gallery and linked to special photographer pages. Although still in beta, each photographer has their own photographer profile page that provides them with stats on how many photos they post, how many are viewed, downloaded and shared. There are also links to their other photography pages and websites. The photographers in our network are local artists that also provide photography services for weddings, birthday parties, models, families and businesses. If you are a photographer or aspiring to be one and want to join our network, contact us. Over the past year, MyArea Network, the network of local area websites that includes, has been focused on technology to better scale and foster growth. Back in May we reached the 100,000 Member milestone and are now closing in on 125,000. The new photo gallery is a major driver for accelerated growth as it enables us to work with more photographers and to more easily promote in other markets. Stay tuned as more enhancements to our websites will roll out more frequently and an improved mobile experience throughout the site is in development. Photo Promotions is a creative method of marketing as it provides free photos for event participants or customers of a business while also promoting the local businesses. Photo Promotions are sponsored by either or both the business that is hosting an event and local businesses that are looking to reach a specific target audience. While extremely popular at local night clubs like Club Prana, where conducts photo promotions every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, it is also becoming increasingly popular at local dive bars like Pete's Place; a bar that has been around since the 1960s. Bars and clubs are not the only place you will find photographers. 813area has been just about everywhere including car shows, charity fundraisers, corporate events and even private house birthday parties. Our network of photographers is also rapidly expanding as we are now conducting photo promotions for St Petersburg / Clearwater ( and soon to be in Orlando ( and Sarasota / Bradenton ( If you want to see how and the new photo gallery can help promote your business while giving your customers free photos, contact us.