If you’re looking to beautify your home or block out some of the Florida sun, Budget Blinds of Central Tampa is the one stop shop for an abundant selection of quality window coverings. One of the manufacturers of Budget Blinds, North America’s largest window covering franchise, made a system-wide announcement to further teach customers about child-safe window covering products. They're committed to customer safety. From price to style, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding to decorate. However, the priority should be safety, especially if there are children in the home. Here’s a list of how to spruce up your space without compromising your home’s safety.

Do ensure child safety- Blinds are beautiful but they can be deadly. Infants and Children are curious about the world around them and can turn anything into a toy including a cord. Between the years of 1991-2000, nearly 200 strangulation deaths involving window covering cords were reported by The Consumer Products Safety Commission. About 10% of the deaths involved the inner cords, which run through horizontal blinds. Budget Blinds urges new parents to replace window treatments made prior to 2001 with cordless or motorized options to protect their children. “Window treatments manufactured after 2001 have updated safety features like breakaway tassels and inner cord stops,” said Robert Emerson, owner of Budget Blinds of Central Tampa .

Do read Budget Blind’s 7 tips for a safer home: 

Keep all cords out of reach from small children and pets. 

- If your window treatments were purchased before 2001, or you don’t know when they were purchased, it’s a good idea to replace them with updated units.        Consider replacements with enhanced safety features, such as breakaway tassels, inner-cord stops, retractable pull cords or a cordless operation.

- If you move to a new home, ask when the window treatments were purchased and look for safety features like breakaway cords.  

- Secure all pull cords out of reach by using a permanent cord cleat.

- Retrofit kits are available to enhance the safety of looped pull cord window treatments.

- Place cribs and other low-standing furniture (beds, bookshelves, toy boxes) away from windows to prevent young ones from accidentally tumbling from windows.

- Install window guards. Don’t rely on screens designed to keep bugs out to keep children and pets in.

Do consider energy savings… Window treatments can be more than style. They can reduce heat loss and gain of a home during winter and summer months.  For example, Honeycomb shades are made with honeycomb-shaped pockets that prevent air from leaving or entering a home. This results in long-term energy savings. Remember, some window treatments are more energy efficient than others so it is best to ask a style consultant what the most efficient option for your home is.

Do personalize your space - The takeaway message of Cinderella may have been that one size does not fit all. This relates to home décor too. Shop through a wide arrange of high-quality products to find what fits your style, not window size.  If you’re altering your home’s interior, rest assured that a customized window covering is available regardless of a window’s size or shape. Best of all, safety doesn’t have to be compromised with Budget Blind’s inventive and stylish safety solutions. Motorized shades offer many features such as timers, sensors, wireless wall switches and remotes. This option is still flexible as roman shades, cellular shades, woven wooden shades and more can be motorized. In addition to safety features, motorized shades have a longer lifespan due to limited wear and tear.

Don’t DIY… 2017 is an innovative year where everything seems easier or at least more affordable to make yourself. From craft projects to five-course meals, people are turning into HGTV and Food Network stars overnight. However, some things have to be left to the pros and installing window treatments with safety features is one of them. Budget Blinds of Central Tampa complies with the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) and Health Canada safety regulations and takes part in WCMA’s “Best for Kids” program. This program sends products to be tested in a laboratory. Products that meet strict criteria will be marked as “certified” Best for Kids.

“As a Budget Blinds owner, we take pride in being product experts, especially in window covering safety, and our goal is to help educate consumers on products, options, and features to keep their home safe while still enjoying beautiful window coverings,” said Mr. Emerson.

From shutters, blinds, draperies, shades, and more, Budget Blinds of Central Tampa has got you covered! Call (813) 839- 1400 for a free in-home consultation.

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