Do you have a newborn on the way and are worried about making sure your home is safe? Or do you have a toddler that gets into everything and everywhere like Michelle Tanner from the pool to the stairwells, no matter how secure you think you've made them? If you said yes to either one of these questions, then consult Full House BabyproofingTampa Bay's babyproofing experts who know how to make your home safe for your young children.

Founded in 2014 by Daniel Leeds, this company is growing fast as they provide new parents with an easy babyproofing process from a full-home child safety evaluation to recommendations to installing high-quality safety products. "Full House Babyproofing LLC was founded after I encountered many challenges in creating a safe place in our home for our son-especially after he began crawling. I realized many parents, particularly new parents, must go through the same frustrations, and that the Tampa Bay area would benefit from a qualified authority in-home child safety."

Full House Babyproofing is a fully-insured member of the International Association for Child Safety, which works regularly with other experts on searching for and testing the safest products for your home. They carry products from numerous manufacturers, allowing them to work with parents to choose the best products for their unique home situation. One of the most innovative products they offer and install are roll-up gates that fit at the bottom of staircases. The gate is there when you need it and easily put away and hidden when you don't.


In Florida, one of the most important areas you need to babyproof is your pool. Full House Babyproofing offers many specialized features to help protect your kids around pools like pool fences. In addition to offering the safest products, Full House Babyproofing installs everything themselves to give you peace of mind, and most full-home installations can be conveniently done in one day. Full House Babyproofing works closely with parents to make sure that they're satisfied and their home is safe and secure for their children. They can find perfect solutions for any household like they did with a blind parent and made sure they were comfortable with the childproof devices around the home.

"One of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping out new parents by giving them peace of mind with the knowledge that the highest quality safety products have been installed properly," says Leeds. "I have found babyproofing extremely rewarding and I enjoy helping my clients create a safe environment for their children while educating them about child safety."

Check out Full House Babyproofing's website for more details about their products and services, and contact them to get started with your in-home evaluation and child safety plan today!

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All photos courtesy of Full House Babyproofing website