Monikl is an exciting new startup in Tampa business that hopes to revolutionize the excruciating process of looking for a new job - or finding the perfect candidate for your company's crucial new position. Monikl's mission is to "change the way the world works by changing the way the world finds work." They've been called the "eHarmony of the job industry" due to their innovative approach to matching job seekers with prospective employers. 

Monikl is using the same kind of process that popular dating sites use, evaluating not only resumes and past work experience, but also a candidate's personality, work style, preferences, and temperament to help match them with the perfect job opportunity.


As interest in this innovative start-up grows, look for Monikl to be featured in the prestigious Startup Showcase at this year's eMerge Americas conference in Miami. Hundreds of angel investors and venture capitalists will be onsite to hear elevator pitches and view decks from 125 promising startups, all competing for over $175,000 in funding and prizes. The eMerge annual expo is attended by almost 20,000 people and offers a variety of sessions and events for business leaders, including the immensely popular Women, Innovation and Technology Summit. 

Many companies with hiring needs are now turning to the millennial market (those born between 1980 and 2000) to find young, feisty candidates with the high demand cutting edge skills needed in today's fast-paced world.

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The talent landscape is changing, and millennials are the new majority in the workforce, now that baby boomers are retiring and Generation X'ers are living in RV's by the river and composing poetry. Top candidates put a high value on a company's employer brand, and companies need to stay competitive in the talent war by offering a desirable work culture. Monikl can help organizations locate, attract, and retain awesome employees from this technologically savvy cohort.

The U.S. came out of recession a few years ago, but the economy is still in a funky place with current political unrest and world events like the Brexit vote. The job market is much better than it was in the late 2000's of course, but finding a position remains no easy task. America's economic growth slowed to just 0.7% in the first quarter of 2017, and many of the new jobs touted by the White House are minimum wage service jobs that do nothing for someone with student loan debt, a mortgage and car payment to make. Monikl is not only creating serious jobs right here in the Tampa Bay area as they grow and expand but helping job-seekers find enriching and rewarding experiences by matching them with the perfect job.

If you are tired of the same old, same old, get off the hamster wheel and signup today at  See what they can do for you as a job-seeker and what they offer companies looking for the perfect candidate! Give Monikl a try!