The movement to online living has recently swept up many aspects of our culture, from dating to shopping and even the way we hunt for jobs. If only you could left-swipe all of those mediocre job listings the same way you did that scary Tinder match. Scrolling through endless online job postings has become its own full-time job, but Tampa Business startup company, Monikl, has set out to change that. Monikl's platform offers an uncomplicated approach to finding your dream job by creating a unique user profile for help locating that match-made-in-heaven career. 

Swipe Right on Monikl

Referred to as "the eHarmony of the job industry" Monikl seeks to ease the burdens on both ends of a job search. Employers and job-seekers alike can create profiles on Monikl and are notified when a match is detected! Saving time and energy for employers, Monikl's innovative approach to resume scanning ensures that you can find the perfect candidate for that crucial opening in your company. 

Monikl also makes the painful task of online job searching almost nonexistent. All users have to do is upload a resume, enter a location, and answer a few personality questions and Monikl's magic matching algorithm does the rest!

Monikl makes connecting easy with the ability to directly message your top job matches in the app as well as create a list of your favorite matches with a tap of your finger. Your privacy is a priority on this site, so Monikl makes it easy to exclude any employer you don't want to see your profile or pop up in your matches--AKA no terrifying surprise matches like on that dating profile you claim not to have. 

The brief questionnaire during profile setup makes it simple to personalize your job search by eliminating the overly-objective process of sending your resume through a computerized scan for the right keywords. Wouldn't it be nice to know you have things in common with your future employer or feel valued for your experience rather than your job stats?

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No matter what type of job you're searching for in the Tampa Bay area, Monikl's unprecedented software gives your job hunt the edge it needs. From easy-access to the right brand of job for you to personalization in an online world, Monikl is rising up to meet your job search needs! Head over to their website or download the app today and get started on your hassle-free job hunt. Thanks to Monikl's innovative approach, searching for a job or perfect candidate is Quick - Easy and Simple, and that does not suck!