Unclaimed property can be a gift, but actually receiving the gift can be complicated.

In the State of Florida, over $1 billion is held by the Chief Financial Officer, which is often money held that someone might have forgotten: a refund on a cancelled gym membership, an old apartment deposit, or a bank account or other financial instrument forgotten by everyone. Sometimes it will belong to you, but it could also be a relative or loved one that has missed out on some cash currently held by the state.

If you need help getting through the process of what can be very extensive paperwork, the attorneys of McIntyre Thanasides are here to help you through the bureaucracy needed to get money that belongs to you. 

Fighting the bureaucracy necessary to claim your funds can be difficult in some cases. Often you are the next-of-kin of someone that has passed away, and will need to prove you are the proper heir to the cash. Othertimes you'll need specific legal documents to show you are the person to whom the cash is entitled. 

And remember: if you don't receive any unclaimed property, you pay nothing. Your fee is based on a small fee of the percentage of the amount of the claim.

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