The holidays are all about spending time and creating everlasting memories with the ones you love. Christmas in Tampa is no exception, where traditions help turn good times into great times.

Picking out a new ornament is a wonderful, everlasting tradition. If you and your family each contribute one unique one every year, you will enjoy endless memories for years to come. What makes ornaments exciting is all the different directions you can take them. Some people will enjoy relating their ornament to some type of experience in their life while others will pick one out simply for the appealing look. There is no wrong choice!

clear glass bauble on green christmas tree

Another beloved Christmas tradition is the decorating of the tree. This goes great with the picking of a new ornament, so the whole family can enjoy their own unique tree. There are endless directions to go in from lights to ribbons and even candy canes! No matter how you and your loved ones decorate the tree makes no difference since the whole tradition is simply about spending time with them.

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Secret Santa is another tradition all your friends and family will enjoy. For this game, everyone involved is randomly assigned another person to go get a gift for. Usually, a price limit is agreed upon by the family or friend group since you do not want people feeling left out. The cheaper the price agreed upon, the funnier it becomes since everyone will buy each other joke gifts. This is an incredible tradition because as the years go on, you are not only giving a gift for someone new every year but receiving one from a new person. Or, make a memory and find some fun things to do for Christmas in Tampa

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One of the best Christmas traditions happens weeks before Christmas which is picking out the tree. Many years ago, it was unheard of to not only decorate a tree before Christmas Eve, but even to bring it into your house before then. Fortunately, the times have changed, and people will use any excuse to enjoy their favorite holidays for as long as possible, especially this COVID year. Many tree farms and retailers are reporting that people have put up their tree extra early this year. 

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Although it is important to celebrate with your friends and family, Christmas is a time for giving. Donating to toy drives is a great tradition to add to your list. Children all over the world should be able to enjoy this wonderful holiday, rich or poor. There is no better tradition than the tradition of giving to others. There are plenty of local charities that would love an extra hand! 

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