Recently invited to attend the Fall menu preview at Cask Social Kitchen my experience was mouth-watering, and an experience I had to share! Please enjoy these five excellent reasons to put Cask Social Kitchen on your calendar this Fall:

5 Delicious Reasons to Visit Cask Social Kitchen This Fall 

1. The FOOD. The FOOOOOOOOOD. Chef Antoine Ludcene of Timpano Italian Chophouse and Eddie V's Prime Seafood  fame unveiled an inventive menu including the expertly executed Crab & 'Cado pictured below. It was my favorite appetizer! The Citrus Scallop entree' shown above was a great low-carb option and my favorite entree,  I was in heaven. 
2. FOOTBALL. Ok, you guys know football isn't really my thing. But give me great food and great drinks while the game is on and I'm in! With great specials before and after the game Cask Social Kitchen is one of the BEST places to catch games this fall.  When a Tampa Bay Buccaneer starting wide-receiver is an owner you know it's going to be special! Mark your calendars for the football Tuesday event next Tuesday, September 6. 
3. The DRINKS. I LOVE cucumber gimlets and this Silver Gimlet made with Nolet's Gin, cucumber syrup, and lime juice was exceptional: my compatriot, former Bucs offensive lineman Ian Beckles, ordered the Humo Dulce.  A combination of Knob Creek Rye, Gran Duque d'Alba Brandy, Benedictine, and Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, dropped into locally made cigar smoke is nothing short of amazing. If you want to impress a date, order this drink! 
4. The CHEF.  Chef Antoine Ludcene hails from Montreal.  With an undying passion for his craft and desire to serve exceptional food at a great price we are fortunate to have him in our midst! I enjoyed listening to him speak about his dishes, when a chef is this passionate about his food, you know you are eating food made with love. 
5. DESSERT.  I possess an unrelenting sweet sweet tooth. It's brutal! I am careful about what I eat; knowing this my husband tortures me by bringing one pound bags of M & Ms and Reese's pieces into the house when he knows my sweet tooth is screaming at me! When I treat myself to something sweet it needs to be something extra-special! We chose the parfaits, smaller they pack fewer calories, yet still satisfy.  If you're looking to do dessert only and a cocktail or two, after a night out Cask is a great place to pop in for a nightcap! 

So if those five reasons for going to Cask Social this Fall aren't compelling enough - consider that during our foodie preview, TJ Miller ( one of the owners), was waiting on all of us just as if he was one of the staff members in the kitchen. I absolutely love when the ownership of a place takes the time to work alongside his or her staff. It makes the entire experience feel warm and welcoming. Thanks to Toaiya Crawford and Allison Gorrell for the invite and company during the meal. I'll be back soon to #EatDrinkBeSocial at Cask Social Kitchen this fall!